T and M Swan Lake Review

Tif, my good friend and loyal co-worker, and I have a love hate relationship.  We LOVE to HATE anything and everything the other one LOVES… follow?  Tif LOVES ballet, I therefore HATE the shoes, the anorexia, the tights (except on the guys because those are just funny) and the weird ass tutu’s (even though I have 2 of my own at home).  Sometimes our “discussions” can get loud and tend to eventually involve the entire office.  So it only made sense that we were chosen to write a movie review for our companies newsletter for… any guesses?… come on…   Ok, Black Swan.  See you totally should have got that one.  Below is what was eventually approved, after some hard core editing by HR.  Enjoy.

Tif:   I’m not usually a fan of psychological thrillers, but Black Swan is a wonderfully acted portrayal of a prima ballerina’s psychological breakdown as she internalizes her dual-rolls for Swan Lake.  The juxtaposition of Nina trying to dance the black swan (and keep the principal roll away from her understudy) and her personal transformation into the darker version of herself was well written and kept me guessing as to what was actually real or just one of her many, increasingly creepy hallucinations. Yes, there were scenes that made me cover my eyes, but overall I think it was a well crafted story with great acting, worth seeing.  Also, I love any movie with ballet in it, so there’s that.

Mona:    …um wow… well written review Tif, very thorough, well thought out, excellent use of the word Juxtaposition (I had to Google it).  But I believe my review will blow away any doubt in people’s minds if they should watch this movie or not… SHE PULLS OFF HER OWN FINGERNAILS!!!  No you did not read that incorrectly, not only are you forced to watch this poor girl lose her freaking mind for 2 hours but then she PULLS OFF HER FINGERNAILS!!!  Tif I can only assume that this is the part you had to cover your eyes.  I’m impressed you stayed in the same room as I would have been in the bathroom by then.  Everyone I beg you, do not watch this film… my final thoughts? Blah, ick, and gag.

Tif:    Mona did you watch this movie?


Tif:     Final rebuttal:  You exaggerate. She does not pull off her fingernail … close though … and yes, I was covering my eyes.  It’s gross.

Mona:     Final Final Rebuttal:  You Don’t Know!! Your Eyes Were Closed!!!

Ick, Blah, and Gag

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10 Responses to T and M Swan Lake Review

  1. cashmereandcandy says:

    Hahah, I thought the exact same thing when I saw it. Hubs informed me the whole nail does come off. I mean, seriously?


  2. Tiffany says:

    but she doesn’t REALLY pull it off … that’s the distinction! =P …. I just gagged a little thinking about it … *shudders*

  3. Tif, honey, accept the fact that your movie is F’d Up!!

  4. Kim says:

    Come on! I had to get in on this one. She does not pull off her fingernail. It’s a hang-nail that she pulls. It’s really deep and gross and long and very creepy…but it is not her fingernail.

    Team Tif!

  5. I agree with Mona. You had me at ‘fingernails’ also. Ewww…..

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