I Used the Force Against CIA Cat

Last night I was enjoying a little tele on the couch when I felt something brush against the back of my leg.  I looked over my shoulder and saw my cat aka CIA cat.

And I did NOT like the look on her face, especially with my exposed legs right there for the destroying.

I quickly began thinking of all the things I may have done that day to piss her off, because that face was seriously freaking me out.  Kind of a “Hello Claris” face and she was about to eat my calf with a nice chianti!!

Lets see I accidentally stepped on her paw this morning during our daily dance… she can’t still be pissed about that!  I also forgot to buy more cat food, but I gave her some of the canned salmon from Alaska.. that stuff goes for 50 bucks a pop!! Is it the litter box?… crap… when was the last time I cleaned the litter box??  Oh Shit.

Now that I had narrowed down my fault, I began thinking of my game plan.  I definitely couldn’t move, any movement may set her off.  I couldn’t call out for  my hubby for help as she does not like it when you yell.  Trust me this was learned a painfully hard way, so no yelly.

All I had left was me and the Force.

Ever since I was little girl I’ve believed that the Force was within me.  Star Wars was an important part of my life growing up.  I could understand everything that R2-D2 said without the help of stupid C-3P0, I totally believed that if given the chance I could fly the Millennium Falcon, a Wookiee was my first imaginary friend, AND Princess Leia and I had so much in common.  OK I never had inappropriate feelings towards my brother, but I could totally rock the Cinnamon bun hairstyle AND I look great in white. BAM I’m pretty much a Jedi already.

So now I just need to call upon my mind control Force powers… here we go, “You are getting sleepy”.

CIA cat was not impressed.

“You are such a sleepy sleepy kitty. Oh you’re little kitty witty eye lids are getting so heavy.  Who’s a sleepy sleepy kitty?”  Still nothing.

Ok this is the Force we’re talking about, ya gotta be serious when dealing with the force.

“This is not the calf you’re looking for.  You will sleep and let it pass.”

Sorry the picture is blurry, but I was so freaking excited that I could not hold still.  I continued my mind powers on CIA cat…







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6 Responses to I Used the Force Against CIA Cat

  1. Brenda says:

    She’s beautiful! I love her facial expression in the first pic. Totally reminds me of my ole tomcat, Jaggar (may he rest in peace).

  2. Yawn, I think it is working on me too 😉

  3. Kim says:

    How the christ do you take a picture while laying on your stomach? Methinks something is fishy about this story.

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