Best Lunch Meeting EVER!

“You girls are lucky, you never had to learn how to work with a Wang.”

That was the sentence that started the greatest department admin lunch meeting ever.

I’ll give you a quick history lesson, so you understand what my manager Vie was actually talking about.  The Wang 2200 was the first computer that was used in our company back in the late 1970’s and early 1980’s.  Apparently it was a big deal and the admins had to go through special training to use them.

“It was awful,” Vie explained.  “You had to go to a week training to learn just the basics!” “They were the dumbest classes, How to turn your Wang on, How to make the Wang work for you, How to get the most out of your Wang.” 

I was, of course, dying with laughter, but then I noticed Vie wasn’t laughing. “What?” she asked.  Suddenly I realized that she wasn’t joking with me, she was honestly telling me the trials and hardships of their learning this new system.  I looked at the other admins and they were all nodding their heads.  (Tiff and I are the only admins under 50 in our group). I looked at Tiff and she was refusing to make eye contact with me and was instead focused intently on her sweet potatoe fries (which I think are totally disgusting, but that’s for another blog).

“Oh,” I said “That’s awful, tell me everything.”  I could hear Tiff whimpering over her plate and instantly felt better. 

“Well, we really hated the Wangs at first.” Vie continued.  “They were huge and took up all your available space!”

“Awesome,” I replied.  Tiff started choking on one of her fries (served her right).

“So, were the Wang’s fast or slow?” I asked.

Vie smiled, “Well in the beginning we were still learning how to use them so it was a slow process, but after a couple of months we got really fast on them.  I swear one time I had mine smoking.”

Seriously it was my own fault for taking a drink of soda while she was talking, but when she started I didn’t think it would end up being that funny.  So I was hacking pretty hard, which was making Tiff laugh even harder, which gave Vie time to figure out what I had been doing.

“Oh for god’s sake Mona!” Vie yelled.  This caused the other admins to look at Vie confused and then I could slowly see the lightbulbs turning on.

“Oh My Gosh!” Debbie Sue explained.  “Do you think they realized it sounded like that?”

Mary was shaking her head, “Good Lord, that’s why my grandchildren laugh whenever I wear the pin they gave us from the training.”

I held my breath, “what’s it say?”

“Have you hugged your Wang today!” they said in unison.


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5 Responses to Best Lunch Meeting EVER!

  1. Sadly, I would be the one waiting for the light bulb to go on, while putting my foot in my mouth. Sounds like that was a helluva day!

  2. Kristy says:

    I had to laugh at this blog posting. I just started a new job today and our IT guru was telling me his history and how he started out on Wangs. I was trying very hard not to laugh and thought he was actually joking. I almost lost it when he said they were “so huge and a pain in the ass.”

  3. Susan says:

    you are freaking hi-lar-ious!

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