Monkey goes Down!

 I would like to start this photo montage of Drunkey Monkey’s fall into Jello disgrace by stating that IT WASN’T MY FAULT!!

I mean how was I to know that the Jello Ashley brought to the park wasn’t normal Jello?!? 

So my best gal pal Ashley has discovered Marshmallow Vodka… ok someone else actually discovered it before her, BUT I bet she’s the first to put it in Jello… BRILLIANT!!

Unfortunately, I allowed DM to partake in the deliciousness and he partook a little too much as you will see below.

Started simple enough

But DM kept going

and going

And finally the inevitable happened


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3 Responses to Monkey goes Down!

  1. Hey now!… Don’t be making fun of the Drunkey Monkey taking a spill! That was a mighty big vat of tainted Jello if I do say so myself. Poor little bastard couldn’t have sat up straight if he tried after that. At least that’s the story I’m sticking by and the excuse I’ve made. I..umm…have had my share of falling off barstools…er…cause I really think they were jacked up to begin with. Sort of like the tree jumped out in front of your car, shit. Yeah..yeah…what I just said. Any-hoo though, I am one who is proud to say can drop like a bag of stones off said barstools and never spill a drop of the beer in the full mug I’m holding. Not telling tales…you could email my husband! I’m a professional drunk, thank you! Wait…is this something I should be proud of?……Never mind. I was, umm…just kidding.

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