No really it’s ok, I just died a little inside that’s all.

So I have a friend Ashley.  I’m using her real name as she deserves the shame I’m about to share.  Oh look at that I even included pictures, wow I must be really upset.

Me, Ashley, and Monkey

Me, Ashley, and Mount Olympus

I had thought Ashley was my mini me, true she has a good 5 inches on me but who doesn’t… I’m short, which is why I wear ridiculously high heels.  Anywho, what I mean is we are SO alike! 

We LOVE shopping (but really who doesn’t), Barefoot Muscat Bubbly Wine (which our wine friends poo poo so… More For Us!), Singing to each other at inappropriate moments (currently ‘I Would Catch a Grenade for You’ is our favorite), Snorting when we laugh (ok that’s more me then her but whatever) AND SHOES! We have the same taste and size in shoes, which is fantastic since we both have ridiculously large feet, ok for her but again… I’m short, add the large feet and just call me Frodo and be done with it.  WHICH leads me into Ashley and My other great love…. SCIFI!!!

Oh my god we are the nerdiest girls you will ever meet. Now from here on out it may be hard for some of you to follow, if you are not geeky like us, but try. She has a Tartis on her desk… A TARTIS!! I have the greatest quotes from FireFly as my phone cover. We have convinced our friends to dress up as the crew of Serenity for Halloween! We’re currently learning elfin. We both believe going to ComicCon in San Diego would be the greatest vacation EVER! See perfect friendship!! Until last week when we went to watch Bridesmaids (HilLarIOus by the way, incase you were wondering.) The conversation went like this:

Me: Ash final Harry Potter movie coming out soon, we’re totally doing that together right?

Ash: Totally.

Me: Sweet, Hubby has never read the books so I have him believing that Harry bites it in the end, ha ha he’s totally bummed.

Ash: DUDE! You just spoiled it for me!!

Me:… no I didn’t… Ash… you’ve read the books… right??

Ash: No, I could never get into them… What?… WHAT?!? Why are you staring at me like that?? Say something!!.. Oh My God are you choking!!!

Me: Stop hitting me!! I’m not choking!! Geez. Ash are you serious!?!? You haven’t read ANY of the Harry Potter books!!?

Ash: No… I’ve read all the Twilight books!!

Me: … Oh god… and I had thought this couldn’t go any lower, and BAM you just took it there.

Ash: What they’re good.

Me: *whimper* I’m gonna need some time on my own for a little while.

Ash: DUDE!!

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Wifey, Blogger,Dog Mom, Huge Nerd, and One Hellofafriend! (Seriously, I have references). SHINY!!
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8 Responses to No really it’s ok, I just died a little inside that’s all.

  1. Tiffany says:

    I have only read 2.5 HP books. I feel like a rebel and may not finish the series if only to keep my rebel status!! 🙂

    OH, and Team Jacob. but Jacob of books 2&3, not 4. because that’s just disgusting and gross and if I think about it too much I’ll gag. Actually, if I think about the entire series too much I’ll gag…

    I have some Twilight books to sell… anyone want them?? 🙂

  2. 1. You’re hilarious.
    2. Barefoot Muscat Bubbly Wine = deliciousness.
    3. Team Edward (from books where I envision myself taking his virginity and then moving onto the other hot vampires. I mean seriously, they didn’t do it until book 4. I could never wait that long. I kept skimming the books for a reference to vampire/human hot sex and when they finally did do it, the author left out the deets. Prudey bitch)
    4. Team Jacob (from the movie. I’m pretty sure he’s underage but, I may consider Mary Kay Letourneau-ing if given the opportunity.)
    5. BAM MKL reference and Twilight!
    P.S. Quantum Leap is my favorite show of all time.

    • 1. Thank you, You Too!
      2. TOTALLY!
      3. Always go to page 112, eighty percent of the time that’s the page with sex.
      4. Um ok I have to confess, his tummy make my tummy fluttery
      5. Truley you are a god and we are not worthy of your awesomeness
      P.S. QL totally acceptable geekiness

  3. Okay Okay! So I haven’t read the Harry Potter books, I will admit that this does take my nerd ranking down a couple of notches. BUT… I am still the mini Mona (figuratively speaking of course) and I am still a huge nerd. It could be said that you Mona are the one letting me down if we are the same person, singing to each other at inappropriate moments and share a love of all things Nathan Fillion. Who is to say that Twilight isn’t something you should be reading?! HAVE you read even just the first book, well have you?!?!

    • DUDE!! SERIOUSLY?!?! I’m letting you down???
      I read the first one and that was ENOUGH! Could that girl BE any more vacant and annoying!! Ash we are WAY cooler then her! If we met her in a dark alley we would be overwhelmed by the urge to beat the crap out of her.
      I mean seriously Ash… DUDE!

  4. Your right .. you got me there, she is annoying. I clearly have failed you as a friend and I am shamed

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