Dear Mom: I’m an addict… who knew?!?

So my mother is a HUGE fan of my writing and has requested that I start posting some of the emails that I’ve sent her from times long ago. Since I love my fans (and my mother) here we go.

 Date: 8/11/2008

Subject: Dear Mom: I’m an addict… who knew?

 I am ADDICTED to the Olympics!! This is odd, because I’ve never really been an Olympic follower.  I may watch the opening ceremony, if there’s nothing else on, or possibly catch a little of the gymnastics (love seeing those tiny girls flipping through the air). But that all changed Friday night! I know China is a no no when it comes to people rights, pollution, quality of living, Tibet etc. etc. etc. blah blah blah… but DAMN can they produce an opening ceremony. I mean DAMN, that thing was pretty DAMN amazing! I don’t know if you guys watched it… probably not… but DAMN!!!

When I flicked to it Friday night I had no real intention of staying and watching but it was crazy! The shear amount of people that were in it, plus the coordination of all those people and the music and the costumes and the lights and the amazingly huge TV screen laying ON THE FIELD!  Seriously I couldn’t have changed the channel if I had wanted to.

There was this one part were these boxes were raised from the floor like probably a hundred and they started raising and lowering in time to the music. The boxes worked together to spell out stuff and did the wave in this really artistic way and I’m yelling at Hubby, “HOW THE HELL ARE THEY DOING THAT?” and Hubby rolls his eyes and says how it’s all computers and starts going into detail about the software they probably used and how the computers were set up. So I’m beginning to lose the wonder of how cool it was until at the end when the music stopped and the top of the boxes flipped open and like a HUNDRED little dudes popped out of the top of the boxes! It was all human powered. I was screaming and jumping up and down Hubby was just dumbstruck… It was great!!!!

Then all the nations walked in which is always fun. Especially when it’s this tiny country you’ve never heard of with one guy walking who’s waving his arms off and jumping up and down.  He probably has NO chance of winning in his category, but he’s just totally totally stoked to be there.

Although I have to admit China stole the whole walking thing. They had Yao walking in front of the China teams holding their flag (he’s this 7′ 5″ basketball player) and next to him is this tiny 9 year old kid waving this tiny Chinese flag, which is cute, BUT then the announcer tells the story of how this kid was in the earthquake that hit China a couple months ago and how he was able to crawl out from the wreckage of his school and then go back in for 2 of his classmates and when asked why he went back he said he had to because he was the hall monitor and it was his job… STICK A FORK IN ME I AM DONE, I was bawling!

So after all that I can’t just stop cold turkey! I need another hit, so I watch the swimming on Saturday, then the basketball on Sunday and now synchronized swimming tonight… GO USA!

Well actually I root for whoever has the best sappy story, you know the guy who was an Olympic hopeful until he got in a terrible accident where it looked like he’d never walk again but then with the support of his dog Spot he recovered and began running again making it to the Olympics but tragically right before he left for China Spot was hit by a car! So know he’s running in Spot’s memory. I don’t care where the hell that guy’s from I’m rooting for him!


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2 Responses to Dear Mom: I’m an addict… who knew?!?

  1. my0wneyes says:

    OK I am sooooo impressed that you still have emails to your mom from 2+ years ago. I tend to delete things very fast. Cool idea

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