Hubby has Magical Powers

I don’t like to brag but… MY HUBBY HAS MAGICAL POWERS!!!

Shocking I know, but I discovered his amazing gift last night.  We were driving home from stuffing ourselves at our favorite taco stand, and by we I mean me.

Hubby: That light’s going to turn green rriiggghhhhttttt NOW!

Street light turns green as we drive through.

Me: *burp* wow babe lucky, especially since you weren’t slowing down while it was red.

Hubby: Didn’t have to, used my powers.

Me: (unbuttoning my top jeans button) hmm sure.

Hubby: Oh here comes another one… aaannnnddd GREEN!

And sure enough that light turned green as we drove through.

Me: Ok you’ve got them timed, oh god my tummy, but I’ll humor you, you’re truly amazing oh great and powerful wizard.

Hubby: You’re mocking my powers aren’t you? Hey put your seat belt back on!

Me: Ugh! But it’s pressing against my tummy and trust me there’s already way too much pressure down there!

Hubby: Ya, you really should have stopped at 5 or even 8, but honey 10?

Me: HEY! Stop judging, they’re really small tacos so technically it was more like 4 normal size tacos, or 1 really big taco.

Hubby: Ok, open the glove compartment.

Me: AAHHH! You want me to move!? Can’t you see I’m dying? Why would you make a dying woman move!? That’s just mean.

Hubby: Lift your arm 10 inches and open the compartment you big baby.

Me: *SIGH* fine… TUMS!!!!!! Oh there is a taco god! When did they get put in there?

Hubby: Just now, with my MAGICAL POWERS!!  It’s not just for green lights.

Me: *whispering* wow, it’s not just for green lights… MAKE IT RAIN PUPPIES!!!

Hubby: …

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6 Responses to Hubby has Magical Powers

  1. Unbuttoning the jeans was a nice touch. Me too!! You know whats really sad is when you’re wearing really low-rise jeans the fit of which ‘allows’ the muffin top to have a safe place to rest, and STILL have to unbutton the jeans. Me also!! That’s what I get for trying to drink and eat like a man.

  2. Didn’t know if you were full or drunk at first. It could’ve gone either way. By the way, I spend a lot of my life looking for clothes that will cover my mushroom muffin top. 😉

    Do you think it will rain puppies in WI?

  3. Too funny … change the tacos to Krystals and you have a scene from my life!

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