I’ll be there on your judgement day


So what you say? Why the fuss? No big deal.

IT IS A FREAKING BIG DEAL!!  And I believe that where ever that BASTARD is he has NO idea how much he’s FRACKED with my life BECAUSE OF IT!!  

Easy Mona, easy… take a breath… count to three… ok.


Not so fast.

Here’s how it will play out:

Bastard: *gulp* gosh God, I’ll admit I haven’t lived the straightest life but I hope I make it in to heaven.

God: Well, let’s see… ah yes I believe there is someone here who can shed some light on your past deeds.

Me: Hello Bastard.

Bastard: … I’m sorry I don’t recognize you.

Me: No? Oh well maybe try imagining me as a 2003 Black Audi, how about now? Ringing any bells? Now try imagining me missing my front fog light grille covers.  HOW ABOUT NOW?? RECOGNIZE ME NOW!!???

Bastard: oh… oh ya sorry about that, but stealing some grille covers that’s not so bad, right God? I mean that doesn’t send you to hell?!

God: Well I…

Me: WAIT! I’m not done.

God: Ah… please continue.

Me: Thank you God.  Do you know how much it cost to replace those covers? $210!! The left one is $85 and for some unknown freaking reason the right one is $125.  Why is the right one more expensive?! They are the exact same cover!! God when that Audi dealership owner comes here I’d like you to ask him that question and if he doesn’t give a good answer, I mean a REALLY good answer, Don’t Let Him In!

God: Done.

Bastard:  um I’m really sorry about that, can I write you a check?

Me:  Oh I’m not done.  So as I’m considering what to do, my check engine light goes on… and ya know what the problem is? One of my front air sensory thingies has blown on my engine and guess what caused it? SOME ONE FUCKING WITH THE FRONT OF MY CAR WHILE RIPPING OUT MY COVERS!!! … oops sorry about the swearing God.

God: Quite alright, please continue.

Me: Thank you; you really are a very forgiving man. 

God: Well I try.

Me: So I go back to the Audi dealership and it will cost me $260 for the part and $680 for the service….$940 total plus the $210 for the covers, that’s $1,150 to fix what YOU’VE DONE!!

Bastard: oh… well I’ve only got about $950 in the bank… but how do you like this watch? It’s nice right!? I’m pretty sure it’s real, the guy I stole it from looked well off.  That should cover the rest right? So we’re good right?

Me:… I’m… not… done… SO Hubby and I decide that we’re going to try to fix the sensory thing ourselves and we find the part at Napa for $120.  See God, again Audi dude overcharged for parts by double!!

God: Ya, that’s not cool.

Me: Now the only problem is we’re supposed to leave for a car trip to see my family the next day for the 4th of July weekend, plus it’s my mom’s birthday, PLUS my niece and nephew will be there and I haven’t seen them since Christmas!!  Poor Hubby is pretty certain he can fix it by then… but guess what? It ends up taking a day and a half for us to fix it since this part is absolutely impossible to reach and EVERYTHING has to be taken out of the engine to get to it!!! SO I MISS EVERYTHING!! Seeing my parents, celebrating my mother’s birthday, and seeing my niece and nephew!!

God: aawww that’s too bad.

Me: Thank you God, yes it was too bad and I’m still a little upset about it.

God: Well I can see why, I mean you haven’t seen your niece and nephew for almost 6 months and your mother’s birthday! Well that’s just harsh.

Me: Yes, yes it is.

Bastard: But, but all that stuffs not my fault!! I only took a couple grilles!! You can’t blame me for ALL of that!!

God: I don’t know, your actions did start it.  I’ll leave it up to you Mona.  Here’s the lever, push it forward and he goes to heaven, pull it back and he … well he doesn’t.


Me: Well I don’t know God… I mean I’m pretty pissed and he did make me miss my mother’s birthday… but isn’t one of your rules about vengeance being a bad thing? I wouldn’t want to do anything to get on your bad side.

God: Well as far as sins go, I’m pretty loosey goosey on that one.

Me: Oh Ok! Bye Bye Bastard!

Bastard: AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Me: Huh, I thought doing that would make me feel better.

God: And?

Me:… IT TOTALLY DID!!! Well thanks God see ya later.

God: Ya in about 2 weeks.

Me: OH MY YOU!! Do I die in 2 weeks?!?

God: No your neighbor with the booming base does, I thought you might want to be here to say a few words.

Me: Sweet.

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6 Responses to I’ll be there on your judgement day

  1. Hilarious! Loved it!

  2. Lafemmeroar says:

    LMAO big time! Thoroughly entertaining.

  3. jsh0608 says:

    Loved it!!! :0)

  4. Ummm…pissed much over this, Mona? Wow!
    I have to chuckle cause it sounds so much like me. It’s the huge crises that I’m capable of handling, and the seemingly small things that are easy to reconcile that just chew on my ass. My family is confused as well as concerned by this. I haven’t a clue… I just chalk it up to being sick to death of people who are bottom-feeders/dumb-asses. Pour yourself a cocktail. It always works for me.

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