Monkey goes to my Kickball game

I don’t think I’ve ever mentioned this, but I’m on a kickball team… ya that’s the game you played in elementary school that was like baseball, but instead of bats and hard balls it was played with a big red bouncy ball.  And now you’re wondering “Mona, why the hell would you want to play that now that you’re an adult?”  Which I would reply, ” Um Dur! Because we play while drinking, which as you know, makes everything better!”

So I brought Drunkey Monkey to the last game and like always he got in trouble.

DM wanted a good view so he convinced Rich to let him sit on his head.

DM totally hogged the spicy tuna and couldn't even work his chopsticks.

DM got bored sitting on Rich's head and sat in my beer pocket... well I hope he was just sitting, he did eat a lot of spicy tuna.

When I explained to DM that he was sitting where I put my beer he said he could handle it.

DM met Puppy Pippa...

And in a classic DM move... had to ride her

Pippa was not amused and it ended up badly for DM... and that's where the pictures stopped... trust me you don't want to see the after math *shiver*

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