Never Come Between CIA Cat and Her Prey


Hubby: What’s up?

Me: A butterfly got in the house and CIA Cat is trying to eat it!

Hubby: So?


Hubby: You let her eat the moths that get in.

Me: That’s different.

Hubby: How? They have the exact same body make-up.

Me: Butterfly’s are pretty and nice and moths are… well they’re just not.

Hubby: HA!  You’re still pissed that The Mothman Prophecies made you cry.

Me: Shut Up! That was an F’d up movie! OH honey she almost got it that time, Help Me!

Hubby: *sigh* fine. Here stupid bug, come here stupid bug… AAHH! It’s on me!!!

Me: Stop freaking, it’s a butterfly not a bee. Ok I covered it with my hands, now lets carefully walk to the deck door.  We move together on three.

Hubby: Ok, but I’m leading.

Me: SHIT! Owey Owey!!

Hubby: WHAT!

Me: CIA Cat is biting my toes!

Hubby: See this is why I tell you you should always wear shoes, even when you’re inside.

Me: Really!? You’re really gonna start on this now?! AAHHH Just walk faster! No! No! Bad Kitty!!

Hubby: Be authoritative!

Me: Stop it Kitty! Respect my authority!!

Hubby: Oh ya, that’s gonna work.

Me: Open the screen! Open Open Open!!

Hubby: There.  Fly away butterfly, probably right into the grill of an Escalade, stupid bug.  AHHHH, it dived bombed me! Did you freaking see that!?!

Me: Well you did call it stupid and a bug, ya kinda had it coming.

Hubby: Next time CIA Cat, it’s all yours.

Me: Babe!

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Wifey, Blogger,Dog Mom, Huge Nerd, and One Hellofafriend! (Seriously, I have references). SHINY!!
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3 Responses to Never Come Between CIA Cat and Her Prey

  1. “Stop it Kitty! Respect my authority!!”
    That never works on me either!

  2. Yes but I did it in a Cartmen voice! I really thought that would impress her 😦

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