CIA Cat Needs a Friend… KAHN!

Walking into work today I saw this flier…

I must have KAHN!

So I emailed the pic to Hubby telling him we should get CIA Cat a buddy and waited for a reply… it never came.

So I called him.

Me: (sing songy voice) Hey Sweety, whatchya doing?

Hubby: Working. Busy. What.

Me: (still singy songy voice) Did you get my email?

Hubby: Ya

Me: (still singy songy but fading) Did you read it?

Hubby: Hold on… No way!

Me: (no singing) AAHHH COME ON PLEASE!!?? Didn’t you read the ad? Resistance is Futile!

Hubby: No, you’re crazy… I don’t even think that’s a real ad, how does he know if your email address works or not?

Me: He’s being artistically funny, I think.

Hubby: And your favorite movie isn’t The Beyond, that looks like it’s a requirement.   Have you even seen it?

Me: No, but I’ll Netflix it.  I REALLY WANT KAHN!.

Hubby: HA! I just googled it, it’s a 1980’s horror movie.  You’re a pansy when it comes to horror movies, you will never watch that.

Me: Whatever I’ll IMDb it and get the summary, he’ll never know I didn’t really watch it.  PLEASE HONEY!  I really really want KAHN!

Hubby: Why that one? They all look exactly the same.

Me: Because whenever he’s bad I can throw my fists in the air and yell KKKKAAAHHHNNN!!!!

Hubby: … that’s why you want this kitty, not because you want CIA Cat to have a buddy, but so you can do your horrible Captain Kirk impersonation.

Me: What… doyou… mean. My…. Kirk impersonation… is… spoton.

Hubby: I’m hanging up now. Do not call me back. Do not email me. DO NOT get a kitty.

Me: FINE! But Do Not expect loving tonight!

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Wifey, Blogger,Dog Mom, Huge Nerd, and One Hellofafriend! (Seriously, I have references). SHINY!!
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6 Responses to CIA Cat Needs a Friend… KAHN!

  1. Susan says:

    poor Tony ( and i say that with love)

  2. I have ten new kittens that are everywhere. THEY’RE EVERYWHERE! You don’t want another kitty. Trust me!

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