Why I will NEVER own a fish again… Part 3

Tif: I’m getting an extra caramel, extra whip caramel frapaccino, you?

Me: *sigh* nonfat, sugar-free, no whip iced caramel latte.

Tif: Your drink makes me sad.

Me: Me too.  So number 5 reason why I shouldn’t own a fish again… are you ready for this?

Tif: Probably not but lay it on me.

Me: Ok, so it had been a couple of years since Fishy’s traumatic first year and things were good.  Although he had lost vision in his only eye. So when it was feeding time I would have to tap the water until he came up and then push the food into his mouth.

Tif: Oh that’s so sad.

Me: I think he liked it.  It was always sad watching him try to find his food with only one good eye, so this way was a lot easier for him.  But I was leaving over Christmas break and felt he was getting too old to make the trip so my roommate agreed to watch him.

Tif: oh Fishy, does he make it through the holidays?

Me: Barely, I got back from vacation and this was the conversation I had with my roommate.

Roommate: Your fish is the devil!

Me: Fishy?

Roommate: So you were only gone a day when I come in your room to feed him and he’s floating belly up.


Roommate: Chill he’s fine, but that’s what I screamed when I saw him too.  So I’m freaking cause you’ve had him for like ever!

Me: 3 years, but ya I can see where you were going with that.

Roommate: Right, so I freaked and thought maybe I could just buy you a replacement fish and you would never have to know.

Me: A replacement fish, who’s blind and has one eye.

Roommate: Like I said freaked and not thinking.  So I go to pick Fishy up to… well… to flush him.


Roommate: I THOUGHT HE WAS DEAD! Only the minute I touched him he flipped over and swam there with his mouth open.

Me: … oh ya… sometimes when he sleeps he kinda gets turned around.  When you touched him he thought it was food time.

Roommate: Oh really? That’s so interesting and possibly something you could have told me BEFORE YOU LEFT!

Me: Geez sorry I forgot he’s just been doing it recently. Plus I didn’t know you would be so flush happy!!

Roommate: Never ask me to watch you fish again!

Me: Oh um ya, That’s a given!!

Tif: Well that’s not too bad, I mean close call but it ended okay.

Me:… ya… but like a week later I woke up to find Fishy doing the belly up thing again.  So I crammed some food in his mouth and ran to class.  Only when I came back later he was in the same position with the food hanging out of his mouth.

Tif: ooohhh Fishy.

Me: But I couldn’t be sure.  Maybe he was just sleeping really hard.

Tif: ooohhh Mona.

Me: So I just kept kinda force feeding him.

Tif: For how long.

Me: I’d rather not say.  But I finally accepted that he had died and… flushed.

Tif: I don’t want you to get another fish… ever.

Me: Me neither… But maybe…

Tif: NO!!

Me: ok

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6 Responses to Why I will NEVER own a fish again… Part 3

  1. Susan M says:

    And you’re bugging hubby for a dog!? DUDE!

  2. My son volunteered to “fish sit” for some people. We had 2 cats at the time. They failed to tell us one of the fish was the kind that liked to float at the top sideways. I’d never heard of such a thing and thought he’d/we’d killed it within 1 hour of having it. I fed it to the cat. I realized my mistake when I noticed it was putting up a struggle as it was going down Mr. Puddley’s mouth. I hate fish.

    Great story! People like us should stay away from aquariums…

  3. jsh0608 says:

    Great story. :0)

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