Curse You The Band Perry!!

It’s sad how it only takes 3 minutes to turn me from a happy normal woman to a complete emotional clusterfuck.

Started with me happily sitting at work, typing away at my laptop, listening to my radio when ‘If I Die Young’ by The Band Perry comes on.  I hum along with the song, but then start thinking about what would happen if I did die young. 

Hubby would be destroyed, mom and dad would be inconsolable, CIA Cat would show her normal indifference but maybe miss the routine litter box cleanings, you know Hubby wont take up that job.

Who would come to the funeral? Family and Friends, My wine club, Kickball team, Co-worker, Old college and highschool friends.  Wow the church is getting pretty packed. That’s really nice that they would all come for me.

Ofcourse there will be music playing and maybe even a photo slide show of me with loved ones laughing and full of life. *sniff* Maybe even some home videos.  Cheerleading in highschool, silly and young jumping up and down.  Hubby and I getting married, beaming at the camera so excited for our future together *whimper*. Me and my niece and nephew jumping on the trampoline laughing and waving, *sniff* they’re really gonna miss me.

Then it will be time for the eulogy.  People will come up to tell stories of their favorite Mona moments in their life. Hubby will attempt to put into words how amazing I was and how completely ruined his life is and now that I’m gone there’s no reason for him to go on.  He wont be able to finish as he’ll crumple to the ground, having to be carried away, immediately put on suicide watch…


Tif: um… mona you ok?

Me: *SOB* *sniff* *sniff* ya sorry, just thinking about my funeral.

Tif: … okay then…


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5 Responses to Curse You The Band Perry!!

  1. theumbrellabloggers says:

    hahaha oh my goodness! I honestly do the same thing when I hear the song! I used to play it in the car all the time until I told me friend I wanted sunflowers at my funeral, “Ya know. Just in case.” Now, I’m not allowed to play the song in her presence, which is fine with me. That song is now on my banned list.

  2. I love to track where my mind wanders. You tracked yours in such a comical way. Thanks for the laugh!

  3. Lafemmeroar says:

    Oh how one little tune can turn the mind. Here’s a happy song for you:

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