So aparantly all dog owners are psychopaths

I learn the most interesting things while Hubby and I are just driving around.

Me: Why can’t I have a dog?

Hubby: We live in a one bedroom apartment.

Me: So we’ll get a small…

Hubby: I will NEVER own a purse dog.

Me: a what?

Hubby: A purse dog, a dog that’s so small it can be carried around in a purse.  I’m not that guy.

Me: Fine, we’ll move to a bigger place and then I can have a dog.

Hubby: Have you forgotten about CIA Cat?  She will never allow us to have a dog.  She will destroy any dog we bring home, it won’t have a chance.

Me: If we get a puppy maybe they’ll have a chance to bond and become friends.

Hubby: HA! That’s cute.  Babe seriously you don’t want a dog, only psychopaths own dogs.

Me:  … really?

Hubby: I watched this interview with a psychology specialist who was describing different signs of a psychopath and owning a dog was on  top of the list.

Me: … really?

Hubby: No, I’m serious he wrote a book about this and everything.

Me: What show was he giving this interview on?

Hubby: … Conan.

Me: HA!

Hubby: Shut up! He was a legit doctor.

Me: No, I believe you honey. AAAAHHHH!!! Look out old psychopath dude on the right walking his dog.  AAAHHHH!!!  Little girl psychopath to the left with her puppy.  OH MY GOD! A whole park of psychopaths! Hit the gas Hubby, we’re all gonna die!!

Hubby: That’s a dog park.

Me: I know and right next to a pre-school those sick city zoning bastards!

Hubby: Well now we’re never getting a dog, I hope it was worth it.

Me: It kinda was. 

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Wifey, Blogger,Dog Mom, Huge Nerd, and One Hellofafriend! (Seriously, I have references). SHINY!!
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3 Responses to So aparantly all dog owners are psychopaths

  1. Lafemmeroar says:

    Hilarious. If you and hubby have these kinds of conversations in the car, what do you talk about in the bedroom?

  2. I understand that there are “cat people” and “dog people.” I’m a “dog people.” If you met Scrappy, you’d know why…

    Funny post and I love the wacky dog picture!

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