I’m 34 and Irish. 

You would think that with 34 years of experience being a fair-skinned, freckled Irish gal, I would know that the Sun is not my friend… in fact it hates my fucking guts. 

I forgot…

I got burned…

It’s not pretty…

And now EVERY person in my office has to tell me this.

Guy in Elevator: WHOA! Look at you! Get some sun?
Me: No… Why? Oh My God, I’m Red All Over! WHAT’S WRONG WITH ME!?

Receptionist: Did you get burned!?
Me: Not as much as you do on a regular basis… OOHHH BURN!

Manager: Ever heard of sunscreen?
Me: Ever heard of breath fresheners?

Creepy Janitor: Are you sunburned everywhere?
Me: Hey! The restraining order says 50 feet, move it back buddy!

Chipper Cubical Neighbor: Oh my gosh! You’re sunburned! Does it hurt?
Me: …

I decided right then and there that if one more person walked up to me and said the word ‘Sunburn’ I would kill myself.  And that’s when Tif walked up…

Tif: Way to go Dumb Ass.
Me: Oh God Thank You!

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5 Responses to OH THAT BURNS ME!

  1. Susan M says:


  2. ahahaha. The elevator guy must have gotten a kick out of your response. Or thought you were slightly fried in the brain also..

    fun stuff!

  3. Everyone needs more friends like Tif, hahaha! I am a fair skinned too… I go out, the sun attacks me, I get water blisters, people look at me… and I get all the same questions/phrases too. Makes me think “Oh really, noooooo” My mom once said, “after 25 years you should know better (getting sunburned), but I guess not, it took you till you 15 to pour a coke into a cup without overflowing it”

  4. Rose Ribbon says:

    OMG! Been there! I’m 36 and Irish… SO white! I burned the morning of my wedding and had bright white strap marks that night! Ridiculous. Glad to find you through the Crazy Chicks Club! You’re hysterical!

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