He ment well… but now I’m bloaty!

Hubby: Hungry?

Me: I could nosh.

Hubby: Great!  I’m making Eggs Benedict!

Me: … Babe, it’s 10 o’clock at night.  I was thinking popcorn.

Hubby: No, I got all the stuff and you love Eggs Benedict.

Me: Ya, on a Sunday morning accompanied with many Bloody Marys.  Besides you’ve never made Eggs Benedict.

Hubby: I got the recipe right here for the sauce and it looks totally easy, come on, come on, come on, Come On!

Me: Well I’d hate to be the one that didn’t come… on.

Hubby: Ha, ya you’re hilarious. Ok I’ll get them started.

(after much swearing, pot banging, and a crash that sent CIA Cat tearing out of the kitchen like the Road Runner was on her tail. Hubby appeared with his creation)

Hubby: Ta Da!!

Me: Wow, Babe that looks great.

It "looked" good enough to eat.

( I took a big bite, unfortunately)

Me: mmmffffhhh,  wow…

Hubby: Why are you making that face?

Me: What face? No face, it’s great. The egg is… um… cooked perfectly!

Hubby: uh hu… take another bite.

Me: Oh… well… I don’t know I’m pretty full.

Hubby: Ok, give me the fork…. HOLY SHIT! Why are they so salty?

Me: I’m gonna go with the cook put in too much salt, but that’s just me.

Hubby: I followed the recipe exactly, see right here I… Oh…. oh… teaspoon of salt… huh.

Me: aahhhh Babe, did you mix up your teaspoon (tsp) with tablespoon (tbs) again?

Hubby: Why do they make it so cryptic!  I’ll make another batch.

Me: No!! I mean, no I’m good and  sleepy *yawn* really sleepy, maybe next time.  I’m just gonna go get some water, lots and lots of water.

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5 Responses to He ment well… but now I’m bloaty!

  1. Lafemmeroar says:

    You and hubby need your own sitcom 🙂

  2. I swear we’re only funny like 15 minutes out of the day… although add in time for commercials and hhhmmm. 😛

  3. Recipes are written in a secret code that I’ve long-since given up on trying to crack. Why should a “t” mean teaspoon and a “T” mean tablespoon? And what are these types of measuring devises anyway? Can you tell that I don’t cook much?

    You really should become a script writer! And I love the picture of CIA Cat “scrambling” out of the kitchen while the eggs were being cooked!

  4. I find there are only two kinds of men when it comes to kitchen duty. One’s that are absolutely fabulous and just a degree short of being a chef, and those who suck big time. The old man cooks two things, and not that well, I might add: Spaghetti and Chili. I eat it when I’m too freaking lazy to cook and he offers. Needless to say, I’ve spent a lot of time eating Spaghetti and Chili the last six months. I can eat anything if I’m hungry and lazy enough. Now give him the grill and he can whip up a steak like nobody’s business. It’s a guy thing. P.S. I wouldn’t trust my old man with a recipe… You’re a brave woman!

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