We are the worst pet parents… but at least we’re funny

Every year it happens and every year it completely freaks me out… CIA Cat’s annual exam… god be with us.  However during our strategy meeting I discovered something startling that had nothing to do with CIA Cat.

Hubby: Ok, so I’ll get CIA Cat in the carrier and then  swing by the office and pick you up.

Me: Good, thanks honey.  This way I wont be stressed to rush home, fight to get her in the carrier and then speed off to get her to the appointment on time.

Hubby: Well if you’re worried about her getting too stressed, I could feed her some catnip before I put her in the carrier.

Me: Babe! We’re not getting her high before the exam!

Hubby: Why not? I think it will make the whole experience more enjoyable for her.

Me: What do you think the vet will say when I bring her in high on the nip?

Hubby: Oh he won’t know… unless they have her give a urine sample!  HA HA HA Get it!? Urine Sample!! HA HA HA

Me: oh my god

Hubby: What? That was funny.

Me: No no it was, but I just caught a glimpse of what Tif must go through everyday working next to me.

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2 Responses to We are the worst pet parents… but at least we’re funny

  1. jsh0608 says:

    This is just too damn hiliarious. When we give our cats cat nip…one of my cats goes crazy. She starts chasing her sister, she starts jumping up and down on the couches, she starts running back and forth from room to living room, she starts rolling over on her back, meowing non stop. Then after a while she will walk right in front of the fan we have in the living room stand there and then plop down, stretch (like the cat above) and just chill. We think it is the funniest thing ever.

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