My New Necklace is Trying to Kill Me

I LOVE accessories. You know the long-held fashion tip, before you walk out the door look in the mirror and take off one accessory? PPPPHHHHHTTTT!!! I say throw another on! The more the merrier! In fact the more you look like a gypsy the better!

I can still lift my hand... NEED MORE BRACELETS!

However, I kinda wish I had taken that fashion tip today and removed my new necklace… my evil new necklace. You’re probably asking the following questions;

Mona is the evil necklace not pretty?

No, no it’s very pretty, but it’s evil!

Mona is the evil necklace too heavy?

No, no it’s very light, but it’s Evil!

Mona are you just bitching to bitch?

… DUDE! no and IT’S EVIL!

The reason it’s evil is because it’s trying to kill me! It’s only noon and it has made 3 attempts so far.

Attempt #1 – Leaving my apartment, I leaned down to lock the door, swung around to take off for my day and was YANKED back by my necklace hooked around the door knob. To make it even worse friendly old neighbor Mrs. Cooper was walking by with Poopsie, and she laughed. She tried to cover it with a cough but I was on to her, plus Poopsie was giving me a look that said “Welcome to my world, Bitch”.

Attempt #2 – Arriving at work. Stashed my purse under my desk, stood up to grab my coffee cup and WHAM! I had been standing on the damn necklace so when I came up from my crouched position the necklace pulled me back down causing my head to slam down on the top of my desk. *whimper*

I feel ya Spock

Attempt #3 – Chair’s arm rests – apparently my chair and necklace worked together on this one because I don’t know how that necklace was able to intertwine itself without my chairs help. All’s I know is Tif came by to ask if I was ready to grab lunch. I said yes went to stand up and was yanked back down. Only I missed the chair and landed face down on the floor with the chair falling on top of me. And then there was the laughter, thanks Tif. I mistakenly made the comment “thanks for having my back” which Tif was quick to reply with “I would but the chairs already got ya covered… HA cause it’s actually on your back… HA HA HA”.

So there you go, 3 attempts and the days not even half way over. So now you are of course asking;

“Mona who don’t you take the evil necklace off?”

What are you crazy? It totally makes the outfit!

But it

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5 Responses to My New Necklace is Trying to Kill Me

  1. Hate that.. I use to have a necklace that would be loose in the back but tight around my throat.. needless to say that evil necklace had to go haha!! Maybe you need a new necklace that matches? 😀

  2. C. says:

    …I have evil shoes that make it rain whenever I wear them…

    Nope. Not as cool.

  3. Nick says:

    Hahaha @ Poopsie’s facial expression! In general, I’m in love with your regular usage of the word “bitch” in everyday language.

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