Oh Dear God, Is That What We Sound Like?!

Ashley, Susan, Me at the BB Gathering

I’m a member of a club.  It’s an awesome club that welcomes any woman, along as she’s a bitch.  Well to be fair the club is called Bitches Be… so it only makes sense it be full of bitches.  We do tons of activities; Bitches Be Wine Tasting, Bitches Be Running a Marathon, Bitches Be Eating Bacon, Bitches Be Making TuTus (long story).

Anywho, last weekend we had a Bitches Be Gathering at Susan’s house.  Now we always have an amazingly fun time at these gatherings but we can barely remember what the hell had been so funny the next day or how we got those bruises.  So this time I decided to record the gathering… I kinda wish I hadn’t.

Tara: And then the second lady said “no not that hole, the other one!” HA HA HA HA

Ashley: I don’t get it.

Tara: How can you not get it!? It’s hilarious!

Amanda: I think it’s supposed to be funny cause they’re lesbians.

Tara: YES!

Ashley: ooohhh that was a  lesbian joke, that makes so much more sense… but still not that funny.


Me: Susan did you just pour the last of the marshmallow vodka into your wine?

Susan: Yes, but it’s okay it’s a chocolate red wine… so I just need some of those other things and I’ll have a smore!

Me: Graham crackers?

Susan: No… I can’t think of the name.

Amanda: Graham crackers?

Susan: YES!

Me: Oh come on!


Ashley: Mona Stop it!

Me: What?

Ashley: Stop peeling your sunburn at the table! That’s disgusting!

Susan: OH! Can I peel one?

Ashley: NO! Separate ends of the table! Both of you.

Me: Geez who made you the sunburn police?

Amanda: I don’t think the chicken is cooked all the way through.

Me: Shit, who told me take it off the bbq at 5!?

Susan: I did, but I touched it and it felt done.

Amanda: You can’t tell by touching it you need to get in it.

Ashley: That’s what she said!

Me: I don’t think that saying works for what she said.

Ashely: Oh shut up.

Me: You shut up!

Ashley: Bitch!

Me: Whore!

Susan: aahh I love you girls.


This went on for hours and ended with Ashley taking a picture of my ass and me tackling her in her chair causing both of us to flip head over tits and hit the ground. BUT I was able to delete the photo from her phone.  *sigh* I do love my bitches.

That'll Teach Her

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8 Responses to Oh Dear God, Is That What We Sound Like?!

  1. Amanda says:


  2. Too funny! I’ve never had a weekend like that with frriends like that. You are one lucky B!

  3. Nick says:

    Hahaha! I loved every minute of this. Laughed out loud at the various “Bitches Be” categories… I’m also now craving bacon.

  4. boltoncarley says:

    love the bitches be club! you’re damn funny!

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