You’re the navigator, catch the damn corn!

Hubby and I just got back from our vacation with my family and while I’ll be blogging about all the awesomely awesome things we did, I HAVE to first tell the story about our drive home because it was truly the most awesomest!  

It started simply enough with me driving;

Me: Babe you can’t change the radio station, you’re the navigator, the driver has control of the radio.

Hubby: um no, radio selection is up to the navigator.

Me: Are you high? Why would the person that gets to sleep, take their shoes off, eat, and stick their head out the window when ever they want, get to ALSO have control of the radio?! That’s crazy talk.

Hubby: Hey being the navigator is hard, you’re in control of where we’re going.  If I give the wrong instructions we could end up in another state or off a cliff.

Me: Ok Thelma, we don’t even use a map, we use GPS! In fact the navigator isn’t even a real role anymore...was that flying corn?

Hubby: … ok now are you high?

Me: No, really, I saw an ear of corn fly by.  Look there went another one! Weird.

Hubby: Well maybe…

Me: OMG!! There’s a semi in front of us loaded with corn and it’s flying out.  AWESOME!

Hubby: How is that… LOOK OUT!

Me: WOO HOO, debris we have debris!!

Hubby: Oh geez how long have you been hoping to yell that out… LEFT! Don’t swerve into the other lane!

Me: I don’t think the driver realizes he’s losing corn!

Hubby: There’s another one… RIGHT!! Go around him, Go Around!

Me: NO WAY, This is awesome!

Hubby: Slow down! The corn could break through the window!

Me: No I have a plan, open the sunroof!

Hubby: What?!

Me: Open the sunroof, stand through it and start grabbing corn as it flies toward you!

Hubby: … NO!

Me: Hubby it’s free corn and fresh, right off the truck! HA!
Come on, corn catching is the new navigator role!

Hubby: Mona I’m serious,  Go… Around… NOW!

Me: geez… if I was navigator, you wouldn’t have even needed to ask me to do it I would have already been up there.

Hubby: If I was the driver I wouldn’t have asked you to!

Me: And that’s why you will never be as awesome as a driver as I am!

WOO HOO! Riding the Corn!!


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6 Responses to You’re the navigator, catch the damn corn!

  1. Susan says:


  2. Shonnie says:

    You are such a nut! haha! You make me smile on my not-so-great day. Thanks 🙂

  3. Nick says:

    LMAO. You are so brave in the face of flying corn. I would’ve pulled over and possibly cried… But I have been told my fear of flying objects can sometimes be irrational.

  4. Only you. Only you. And that picture is priceless!

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