15 Years Together and He Notices What I Wear NOW!?

Me: VICTORY IS MINE!! (slamming front door shut with… well… with victory)

Hubby: YAY! and like always NO idea what you’re talking about.

Me: I found a dress for the wedding!

Hubby: YAY! What wedding?

Me:… SERIOUSLY!?! The wedding we’re going to next week, the wedding I’ve been talking about for like ever and the dress hunt that’s been KILLING me!

Hubby: HA I know, I was screwing with ya.

(no he wasn’t)

Me: Well I found it and it’s perfect! TA DA!

Hubby:… huh

Me: Really?! Babe, we’ve been married long enough that you should know that response equals no nookie for like a week.

Hubby: NO, NO I LOVE IT!!… but… I thought you didn’t want black.

Me: It’s NOT black, it’s Rich Plum.

Hubby:…. ?

Me: *sigh* dark purple.

Hubby: OOHHHH!  Ya now I see it, nice… but I thought you didn’t want a Mother of the Bride dress.

Me: IT’S NOT!!

Hubby: It’s long.

Me: SO!? It’s classy and sophisticated but with a hint of sexy vixen.

Hubby: Ok…

Me: Oh God, now what?!?

Hubby: I don’t know… it just seems familiar…

Me: How can it? It’s brand new.

Hubby: Are you sure you don’t already have that dress?

Me: Of course I don’t! Do you really think I would buy the same… where are you going?

Hubby: Closet, I just want to check something.

Me: Babe I do not already own this dress!

Hubby: TA DA!

Me: … well that’s a completely different dress.

Hubby: It’s dark purple.

Me: No it’s Morning Violet.

Hubby: Ok, well it’s also long.

Me: ya but it’s a billowy long, mine is a straight down long.

Hubby:…. you are not gonna admit you bought the same dress you already own are you?

Me: no… cause I didn’t.

(ya I did)

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7 Responses to 15 Years Together and He Notices What I Wear NOW!?

  1. No, you didn’t really buy the same dress? Even if you did, that means you have great taste times 2! And I’m impressed with Hubby for 1. remembering the dress and 2. finding it

  2. Nick says:

    Straight men are great for this kind of thing… Of course, I’d have been all like, “Oh that’s tootally a different dress, billowy long vs. straight down long, duh.”

  3. Gobetween says:

    See he likes the dress too otherwise he would not have remembered it. I also tend to buy the same colours and styles over and over 🙂

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