But Officer What If I Break The Window?

People that leave their dogs in a locked car on a hot day deserve the spot in hell usually reserved for pediphiles and people who talk on their phone while at the movies… ya they’re that bad. 

While waiting for my hubby outside his work yesterday I saw a poor panting, sweating doggy locked in a car.  (Yes he was sweating I could tell).

Hubby: Hey babe, thanks for waiting for me.  Ready to go?

Me: Sure honey, but I need to wait for the policeman.

Hubby: What policeman?

Me: The one the 911 operator said was coming, I need to waive him down when he drives by.

Hubby: WHAT!? What happened? Are you okay?!

Me: Ya why?

Hubby: BABE!


Me: What? I called the cops on that car over there with the dog locked inside.

Hubby: Why?


Hubby: What? It’s parked in the shade, the windows are cracked, and…

Me: And the dog looks like he’s about to keel over!

Hubby: He looks hot but keel over is an exaggeration… you didn’t tell the 911 operater that did you?

Me: No, I just said he didn’t look good.

Hubby: That’s not the heat, I think he always looks like that. He’s not a very attractive dog.

Me: Oh Oh! Officer!! Officer Sir, Over Here!!!

Police Dude: Ma’am.

Me: tee hee

Hubby: Oh brother

Police Dude: Is this the car?

Me: Yes sir, Officer sir.

Police Dude: Well the glass isn’t hot to the touch.

Me: So?

Police Dude: Well unless the glass is hot to the touch the dog is not considered to be in extreme danger.

Me:… but he’s panting really, really hard.

Police Dude: Oh yes ma’am, I have no doubt he’s uncomfortable but as he’s not in immediate danger there’s not much I can do.

Hubby: *whispering* I told you so.

Me: Ok YOU can’t do anything, But what if I help the window go down?

Hubby: here we go

Police Dude: And how would you be doing that?

Me: With my purse and possibly my elbow.

Police Dude: Maam I would have to arrest you if you did that.

Hubby: She wasn’t going to, she’s just kidding.

Me: … Well can you at least give him a ticket?

Police Dude: For what ma’am.

Me: I don’t know… BEING A DICK?!

Hubby: Well thank you very much officer, now she knows in the future to check the temperature of the window.

Police Dude: My pleasure, sir, ma’am.

Me: *grumbling* don’t call me ma’am.

Hubby: Well honey at least you learned something from this.

Me: Ya don’t bother with the police and always carry a brick in your purse.

Not my brick officer

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5 Responses to But Officer What If I Break The Window?

  1. Bravo to you for sticking to your guns for the poor pooch. I don’t care if the window glass is hot or not, you were right to be concerned and you should’ve made a citizen’s arrest on Police Dude for being a dick.

    I laughed out loud at the line about the dog not looking all that good already for Hubby. You do tell a great tail, oops, tale!

  2. Nick says:

    HAHA! AS a fellow dog lover, I fully support your decision to call the po-po. I will now go forward with this hot-window-test knowledge, as well as a brick.

  3. Gobetween says:

    I think it is cruel no matter what the cops think. A dog left without water is cruel even if the window is cool to the touch.

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