Top 10 Reasons This Was The Best Weekend EVER!

1. Hubby’s Company Picnic + Waterballoon toss + “accidental” toss to Hubby’s face + Hubby retaliating with badly aimed throw that takes out Cheryl from accounting = Total Water War Armageddon that lasted over an hour and left too many casualties to count.

2. Driving to Astoria late Friday night on an out of the way wilderness road.  Hubby and I start discussing all the horrible things that could happen to us if we break down.  Deliverance experience (Hubby’s biggest fear),  Small furry things with teeth attacking us (My biggest fear), Sasquatch sighting (Hubby and mines biggest fear and greatest wish). 

Suddenly check engine light came on causing both of us to scream like teenage girls… and then it went off.  Car has fucked up sense of humor.

3. Fu Fu expensive hotel lost our reservation.  Ok I know you’re thinking this was bad and it kind of was.  But for their error they paid for our rooms at another hotel and gave us 2 free nights at their hotel the next time we come to Astoria… so SCORE!

Especially since Hubby didn’t know how much that hotel cost and was probably going to kill me at the end of the weekend when he saw the bill, so I got to live…DOUBLE SCORE!

4. Seeing our friends Jon and Trish get married.
Hubby: (sitting down for wedding) Ya gonna be okay?
Me: Yes, why?
Hubby: You ALWAYS completely fall apart at weddings.
Me: Oh I do not.
(wedding march starts)

5. Reception Table Assignment
Me: Oh Ash do you completely fall apart at weddings too?
Ashley: What? No, Mona have you seen where you’re sitting?
Me: No. Why?
Ashley: They have named the tables after romance movies
Me: Aaahhh that’s sweet, oh there’s my name I’m sitting at OH MY GOD!
Me & Ashley: SERENITY!!!!!
Hubby: Serenity isn’t a romance movie.
Me & Ashley: *GASP*
Me: Babe Serenity is the greatest movie ever made.
Ashley: It’s adventure, scifi, comedy, drama, AND romance.
Me: It’s EVERYTHING! I don’t think you’re worthy to sit at the Serenity Table.
Hubby: Ok so then there’s no reason to give you this glass of wine.
Me: oohhhh wine… and forgiven.

6. It’s the COPA BABY!!  Ok I’m gonna need to give you some background information on the awesomeness of this.  When ever we go karaoke I HAVE to sing Copacabana… it’s my jam.  So towards the end of the reception the brilliant DJ put the Copa on.  And while my first thought was to rush the stage and grab the microphone, my good friend Chris gave me a better idea. 

Chris: Mona you should totally start a conga line.
Me: challenge accepted
Hubby: Here we go

People it was the greatest conga line ever created.  Not only was I able to get the whole room to participate but I didn’t throw out my back with my hip pops… I really get into my role as head of the conga line.


8. AFTER PARTY!!  The best sign that you’ve thrown an excellent reception is that no one wants to stop partying just because the venue is closing.  So we moved our party to a bar called VooDoo.  It’s an excellent bar that was referred to us by the front desk dude of the hotel where we had originally tried to move the after party to, and it was an awesome bar.  Obviously not a tourist spot as it was so well hidden we had to ask for directions while standing right in front of it… ok that probably had to do more with our drunken state then the bars hiding talents.  VooDoo had excellent drinks, freaky cool decorations, and pizza which caused #9 to occur.

9. Hubby Said DUDE

Hubby: BABE this pizza is SO good.
Me: It’s okay.
Hubby: NO BABE! The sauce is aaaahhhhhhhhhh
Me: Well ya it’s pretty g…
Hubby: NO BABE! And the crust is oooohhhhhhh
Me: Mine’s okay I…
Hubby: NO BABE! And the pepperoni is… DDDUUUDDDEEE
Me: I am so turned on right now
Hubby: I KNOW!! I think it’s the pizza.

10. Worlds greatest breakfast buffet – People if you ever go to Astoria and have the worlds largest hangover I suggest you go to Wet Dog Cafe for Sunday Brunch.  $10 gives you unlimited bacon, sausage, biscuits & gravy, cereal, fruit, pancakes, french toast, waffles, yogurt, potatoes, coffee.  And for an extra $6 the worlds greatest bloody mary. We lived there for over 2 hours… perfection.

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5 Responses to Top 10 Reasons This Was The Best Weekend EVER!

  1. Nick says:

    I love the fact that the pizza had that effect — I’d be lying if I said I couldn’t relate! Also, I too always fall apart at weddings!!! Every time. And it’s especially hilarious because I’m technically a man.

  2. Rose Ribbon says:

    Love the photo booth pics! So cute… looks like you girls had a blast!! 🙂

  3. Just realized I never pointed out it was 2am and we were still partying when hubby developed his love affair with the pizza… oh ya all probably guessed that 😉

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