We had a plan and I failed!

Well people it happened!  Hubby and I set up a Fire Contingency Plan last week and BAM! We woke up to fire alarms going off this morning… and sadly my plan did not quite go as… well as planned.


Me: who… Whas happening?!


Me: I’M UP!!!

Hubby: Great now put some pants on.

Me: Babe it’s a fire! There’s no time for pants!!

Hubby: Honey, there’s always time for pants.

Me: Where’s CIA Cat?!

Hubby: Under the bed, good luck with that.  I’m getting my laptop.

Me: (on hands and knees by the bed) Where’s my little snookie, there you are, who’s a good kitty? Wanna be a sweety and come out for mommy?


Me: … ok so that’s the way it’s gonna be. BABE! Where’s my ski gloves!!

Hubby: They should be in the hall closet, which means they’re probably on the floor in the bedroom.

Me: Why do you always insinuate I’m slop… never mind.

Hubby: Found them on the floor, didn’t ya?

Me: Okay sweety come to mommy… HEY NO BITING! OW BAD, BAD KITTY! Ha Victory, she’s in the carrier, let’s go!

Hubby: Hold on

Me: What? Why?

Hubby: I can’t find my other sock.

Me:… Babe really?

Hubby: What?

Me: A fire inferno could be racing down the hall towards us and you’re searching for a matching sock! You wanna die for a sock?

Hubby: Drama much?

Me: Goodbye honey, it was nice being married to you.

Hubby: FINE, I’m coming.


Hubby: Now what?

Me: My pink hat!

Hubby: Seriously?

Me: SHIT, it’s in the carrier with CIA Cat… I don’t think she’s gonna let me have it.

Hubby: Come on, we’re leaving.

(outside watching the fire trucks pull up)

Me: I can’t believe I screwed up the fire contingency plan.

Hubby: Ya we got safely out of the apartment, with the cat, and all our important papers, but you’re not wearing your pink hat so it’s a complete fail.

Me: I know… Epic Pink Hat Fail

Hubby: Way to have your priorities straight.

Me: Bite me sock boy.

Actual image of a pissed off CIA Cat sitting on my hat

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3 Responses to We had a plan and I failed!

  1. Lafemmeroar says:

    My lap top/comp would be the first thing I reach for in a fire. As usual you have a hilarious relationship with hubby and CIA cat 🙂

  2. It’s always good to know who’s who in an emergency situation. You have your leaders, your cool-headed followers, your panicked followers, and your pink-hat, cat-concerned the-fire-will-wait believers. I’m with you. Keep your priorites straight even if your jammies get a bit charred!

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