Marriage means NOT saying the first thing that comes to mind

Yesterday Hubby and I were driving to get some delicious FroYo.

Me: But babe I LOVE gummy bears, it’s really mean that you wont let me get gummy bears on my FroYo.

Hubby: Those gummy bears are stale!

Me: SO!?! That’s the way I like them, it’s not a good gummy unless you’re still sucking it out of your teeth an hour afer eating it.

 Hubby: Ok gross AND they charge by the weight and stale bears are heavier than fresh soft bears.  It’s a FroYo conspiracy!!

Me: Oh you and your conspiracies, everything is not attached to some conspiracy!

We then passed this billboard and our marriage almost ended.

Me: Finally some truth in advertising!

Hubby: That’s not the truth.

Me: …

Hubby: …

Me: You should choose your next words very carefully.

Hubby: Because our A/Cs not broken… Sexy.

Me: Nice, and I now get unlimited toppings on my FroYo.

Hubby: Damn billboard conspiracy.

Nothing says I'm sorry like strawberries, blueberries, and gummy bears!

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4 Responses to Marriage means NOT saying the first thing that comes to mind

  1. Bushlings says:

    LOL! I saw this this week and was waiting for a blog on it. VERY VERY FUNNY!

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