Korean Dramas… it’s a serious addiction

I am ridiculously addicted to Korean Dramas.  I stumbled upon them on accident five years ago and have been hooked ever since.  They’re usually 16 to 20 episodes of awesomeness.  And now Netflix offers them on instant download, which means my social life is going to be put on hold until I’ve watched all of them, seriously I had a hard time just making it to work today.

So why the love for the awesomeness?  Easy, I’ll give it to you in my own top ten.

Top 10 Things you can always rely on in Korean Dramas:

1. There will always be an ice skating scene.

2. There will always be a karaoke scene.

3. There will always be a race to the airport to stop the girl/guy from leaving scene.

4. There will always be a “pretty woman” scene, when the guy takes the girl on a shopping spree where he’s always surprised how beautiful she really is… dork.

5. There will always be a “save the girl” scene.  This is usually the guy pulling the girl back from getting hit by a car, truck, train, bike, snowboarder, or run away cart OR saving her from drowning, can’t believe I almost forgot the drowning.

6. At some point the girl will get drunk and he’ll have to carry her home, where he will almost kiss her until she throws up on his shoes.

7. The two star crossed lovers will always hate each other at the beginning, until they have the flash back montage moment and they realize that they really love each other.

8. There will always be a mean girl trying to steal the main guy away and she is usually always prettier then the hero girl, which makes you hate the mean girl even more.

9. There will always be a best friend guy that loves the hero girl, but never gets her.  Which makes you sad, but they’ll sometimes make up for it by slapping him with the mean girl at the end, don’t worry she’s usually becomes nice by then.

10. There will always be a huge misunderstanding at the end that almost tears the couple apart.  But, with the help of the reformed mean girl and best friend guy, they race back to each other… usually at the airport.

Just a few of my favorites

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8 Responses to Korean Dramas… it’s a serious addiction

  1. Susan says:

    you are such a freak and i’m so glad to know you!

  2. and they will only ever show you the “kiss” at the end. my favorite is Coffee Prince! 🙂

  3. You know, you could save some time and watch every romantic comedy every made (except maybe for the ice-skating part). Well, scratch that, You wouldn’t be saving much time, would you? 😉

  4. coco says:

    This qualifies for all the dramas I’ve seen except the ice-skating…To The Beautiful You didn’t have ice-skating in it

  5. simplyhejeci says:

    Hello there! I am a self-confessed Korean drama addict as well! Haha! In fact, I have just started my first blog about Korean dramas that I have already watched! 🙂 Most of the things on your list are oh so true! Cheers to Korean drama addiction! 🙂

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