Sparkley… TAKE A DRINK!

Once again I’ve tasted shoe… bleck.  Confused? Well of course you are you’re reading my blog after all, but I’ll clarify.  Tasting shoe basically transfers to putting your foot in your mouth… aahhh now you get it, aren’t I clever! No? Whatever.

So last night I went to a FANTASTIC wine tasting at a little wine bar called Enso.  I recommend it to everyone and their dog, if your dog likes wine and really how could it not?  But I digress.

I’m sitting at one of the tables with my group listening to Susan try to name all the 7 dwarfs… okay she wasn’t really doing that, but I don’t have the foggiest idea what we were talking about so I’m using my artistic creativity.  Anywho, while partially listening to Susan I hear a part of the conversation coming from the table next to us.

“blah, blah, blah, Home Shopping.”  This instantly grabs my attention and I swing around to join in their conversation.

Me: I LOVE the home shopping network!

Everyone at the table stopped talking and stared at me in surprise.  Now don’t go thinking I’m rude, I mean I knew a couple of the people at the table and I chalked up their surprised looks to my sometimes forgetting to use my inside voice.

Me: I’m so excited you guys watch it too, I thought I was the only one! I mean I don’t actually buy anything, I just watch it for its general awesomeness!

Tracy: Mona we’re…

Me: My favorite is when they’re selling jewelry!  It’s hilarious how they use the same descriptive words over and over.  “Look at how sparkly it is, we only have 200 more so order quick!  Look at the sparkle on this ring, and it’s yours for 10 easy payments of $19.99!  Well I love the sparkle and don’t forget we have the matching bracelet coming up next! OH LOOK AT HOW IT SPARKLES!”  You could totally make it a drinking game, every time they say Sparkle, take a drink!

Tracy: Mona we’re talking about how we’re home shopping… for a new house.

Me:… oh… right.

I quickly turned back to my table to escape the laughter, only to see Susan, Ashley, and Kim all staring at me with delighted looks on their faces.

Ashley: So how much do you really LOVE the Home Shopping Network?

Kim: Do they really have amazing deals that you just can’t pass up? OH! Do you have a special members card?!

Susan: Do you call in so you can tell them on air how much you LOVE your purchase?

Me: I hate you all.

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1 Response to Sparkley… TAKE A DRINK!

  1. clintthrust says:

    Holla, so I apologize, but I may have nominated you for this Versatile Blogger Award/chain letter, here’s the post
    hope you get some traffic out of it… take a drink, bitch!

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