After 10 years of marriage I had thought that Hubby got me, I had thought he understood the complicated workings that are me and was prepared for anything I threw at him.  Never have I been so wrong.

It all started last week when I walked up to him whining at him to look at my disgustingly fat, huge arms.  Being a good Hubby he did and then being a well-trained Hubby he rolled his eyes and told me I was crazy.  I walked away patting myself on the back (with my huge, gross arms) thinking Hubby totally got me and our relationship was perfect… oh how very wrong I was. 

Yesterday he came home with a box, for me, sounds good right? Ya, he then opened it and showed me what he got.

Me: … What is it?

Hubby: It’s a pull up bar.

Me: … Why?

Hubby: You said your arms were too big, this will help you tone them.

Me: … Dude.

Hubby: What? This will really help, we can work on it together.

Me: I told you my arms were big so you would say I was crazy and ignore me.  NOT agree and tell me how to fix it… DO YOU EVEN KNOW ME!?!

Hubby: Whatever, let me show you how it works… see easy and you can totally feel it in your arms.  Okay now you try.

Me: *groan*  fine

Hubby: Pull up

Me: I am pulling

Hubby: Stop fooling around and just pull up.


Hubby: Seriously? You’re not even moving.

Me: Shut Up! I’m trying to pull up a lot of weight here buddy!

Hubby: I pulled up easy, come on use your big arms.

Me: HEY!  I weight more than you so IT’S HARDER!

Hubby: No you don’t.

Me: Pretty sure I do.

Hubby: How much do you weigh?

Me: …

Hubby: Come on tell me.

So I did and then he told me how much he weighs…

Hubby: Where are you going?

Me: To the kitchen.

Hubby: If you’re upset about your weight, why go to the kitchen?

Me: That’s where the knifes are!

Hubby: Babe! You’re not gonna kill yourself!

Me: No… Not me.

Hubby: … Okay I’m gonna take the bar down.

Me: Now you’re getting me!

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7 Responses to I AM PULLING DAMMIT!

  1. My ex used to buy me dresses 2 sizes to small to “motivate” me to lose weight. Your hubby is Prince Charming compared to that! 😉

    And so you don’t feel so bad, I can’t do a pull up either. My strength is all in my character!

  2. Nick says:

    LOL! God I missed your posts. I’m completely in the gained-20-lbs-over-the-past-year boat right now and am deathly afraid of finding out how many pull-ups, push-ups (or any other -ups) I’m currently incapable of, so my hat goes off to you for even trying!

  3. That gave me quite the chuckle. Oh don’t feel bad, my arms are for shit anymore too. It used to be I could carry cases of beer and move around kegs. Now I can’t even weed-eat for longer than five minutes. My husband gave me a hard time about it. I just shrugged my shoulders, handed it to him, told him it was his job anyway, and walked away to pop a beer. Hey, at least we tried…right?!!

  4. Hahaha! This is fantastic. My gymnast sisters would always tell me I could use their pull-up bar whenever I complained about my lack of arm muscle…NOT happening.

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