GIANT BLOCK GAME!… that is all.

Last Friday night was wine tasting night, awesome as always, but then things were kicked up a notch when I got a text that Chris was having a BBQ.

Cheri: We should go.

Me: I agree

Kim: Why? We already ate.

Me: phbbttt, you don’t go to Chris’ to eat!

Cheri: Silly Kim.

Kim: Then why?


Giant Block Game my dear readers is a life-size block game that Chris made out of many two by fours.  Now this in itself is awesomeness, but it gets better.  During the first inauguration game, which yours truly was lucky to be at, it was decided that challenges should be written on each block.  This meant that when you pulled a piece from the giant tower you then had to complete the challenge written on your pulled block before you could place it back on top… brilliant.

Because me and my fellow geek pal Ashley were both there on that big day, we made sure to put as many sci-fi references as possible.  Some of our brilliant challenges were the following:

~You must say Shiny at the end of every sentence, or else finish off your drink.

~The entire room must address you as Pretty Pretty Princess when ever you enter or exit a room.

~You must say “Let’s be bad guys” before every drink.

~ Say 5 great lines from Dr. Who or else finish the drink of the person to your left.

Sadly since Chris and the boys aren’t as awesomely geeky as us, we found that they had replaced some of our blocks with their own “challenges”.

~ Spank the toosh of the person to your right with a wooden spoon.

~Switch shirts with anyone in the room.

~ Nibble on the ear of the person to your left.

~ Spank the toosh of anyone of your choosing.

Really guys?… wow … seriously…wow.

Us ladies decided to  make the game less gropey and more fun by either substituting the boys “challenges” with our own or just ignoring them completely.

Thankfully there were still some good challenges in the tower.

~ Cluck like a chicken when ever anyone says ‘Chris’.
(We had poor Robb clucking for most of the night)

~ Sing a song from Dirty Dancing.
(Kim did an amazing rendition of “I had the time of my life” but I was horribly disappointed when Cheri didn’t make the flying leap catch)

~ Say the name of every person in the room, alphabetically in 10 seconds. If you don’t, finish your drink.
(IT’S NOT POSSIBLE! There were like 10 people in the room and I didn’t know everyone and I’m awful at my alphabets and I get stage fright and I had just filled my huge wine glass to the top!!… I HATE THIS GAME!)

Kim... honey... that's not the best place to sit when pulling a block from the bottom... just saying.

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7 Responses to GIANT BLOCK GAME!… that is all.

  1. I NEED one of these. I do in-home wine tastings for a living. This would be so perfect!!

  2. OMG! Giant Block Game… so cool! I’m jealous…

  3. Awesome! You really know how to party and with no risk of ugly BBQ stains on your clothes! 😉

  4. Steve says:

    This is a great game! Can be made easily. I found this game while working in the Turks about two years ago.

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