Five Things Guys Can Do In Every Day Life To Be More Attractive To Women.

Okay guys I’m being totally serious, do these simple every day 5 things and you will look 38.6% more attractive to women. 

1. Hold a door open for a girl.

Not just the car door on a date!

Good, but try not staring at her boobs, and lose the creepy smile.

Dude! You’re trying too hard, TOO HARD!

It should be a cool, casual move and PLEASE don’t act like you’re doing us a favor… we know you are, but it looks cooler if you act like you’re not.

Guys I know you’re thinking this is lame but GOOD LORD! We LOVE this stuff. 

You wanna go for the kill?

If on an elevator with another person that happens to be female, let her walk out first, EVEN IF you’re standing in front of her.  A guy did that for me yesterday and I almost took him down right there and then, SEXY!

Okay this picture really doesn’t have to do with this tip, but COME ON that’s a cool elevator!!


Seriously, I don’t care if you running a marathon or sucking out poison from a snake bite, DON’T SPIT!!

SEE!  Even if you’re prince charming, it’s still gross.

3. When walking next to a girl, walk on the curbside of the sidewalk.

It’s SHOCKING to me how many guys don’t know about this. 

By walking on the traffic side of the sidewalk you’re telling everyone you’d take a direct hit from an out of control car for her. DON’T PANIC! You don’t really have to, but we like seeing you act like you might.

Tsk Tsk Tsk.  This guy might as well be saying, “I hate this girl and hope that cab slides in the slush and takes her out, and stop hogging the umbrella bitch!”

SEE?!? I bet you had no idea a simple move of standing on the wrong side of a girl could say SO MUCH!

Better, but what the dog ever do to you?

4. “Readjusting” in public… dude… seriously… dude… don’t.

It’s really quite simple:

Your doing this:

Is equal to doing (and looking like) this:

Any questions?

5. Make an effort.

This is true when it comes to grooming and clothes. 

Let’s compare Justin Theroux’s two looks below:

Do you see it!?!? Please tell me you see the difference!?!?

Trust me, the Justin on the right gets WAY more sex then the Justin on the left… just saying.

There ya go guys.  I’m not saying you will for sure get the girl if you practice these 5 steps… but… I… um… sorry keep looking at the Justin on the right and losing my train of thought… ya.

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16 Responses to Five Things Guys Can Do In Every Day Life To Be More Attractive To Women.

  1. Tyne Swedish says:

    I love this so much! Bravo…I would just prepare for the equal rights bashing that may happen by others. You know “chivalry is dead because women want to be treated as equals” I’m like dude you respecting me has nothing to do with manners!

  2. Lafemmeroar says:

    The crotch grab is definitely a deal breaker. Who wants to shake hands with someone who just grabbed their privates?

  3. Love it. Been married for a long time and still find it totally adorable and sexy when my husband opens the door for me 🙂

  4. SilentMyth says:

    Clever and totally true.. Dude I give grossy looks to a random guy who spits. I would NEVER want my guy to spit around. Yuckhh!

  5. Love, love, love this post! The pictures are awesome and the commentary is delightful. A must-read for all men. Think they’ll read it? Think they’ll get it? I know the pictures will help! 😉

  6. LOL. Great post! Very funny….

  7. JWo says:

    I always try to make it where I’m walking on the traffic side of the sidewalk and my wife always rolls her eyes as she reluctantly moves over.

    One day when I get hit by a car she’ll appreciate my efforts!! hahaha…

  8. Shonnie says:

    Totally agree girl! Totally — and my guy still opens the door and when we ride bikes he puts himself on the side where the cars will hit him first … I am not exactly sure I like the idea of him being hit by a car, but it really is sweet. 😀

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