Because it’s whimsical dammit!

So if you didn’t read my blog yesterday, and if you didn’t I’m sure you had a good reason.  Here are a couple of reasons I deem good enough for not reading my blog; you were involved in an alien abduction and are currently being probed, you were blinded in a tragic accident, but are so dedicated to me, you’re paying the nurse to read my blog out loud right now, or you met Nathan Fillion and have him currently locked in your bedroom as a love slave… mmmmmm Nathan Fillion love slave… nice.

Anywho, yesterday I received an email from CIA Cat, which I quickly replied .

Is she sticking her tongue out at me?

So now I have the job of figuring out who could actually be sending the CIA Cat emails.  No, I dont’ think CIA Cat is really sending the emails.  Why?… cause she’s a cat, try to keep up.

Suspect #1 – Tif
My loyal co-worker/friend.  This type of thing is right up her alley, the alley of screwing with Mona.  However, she was the first person I called when I got the email. And by the way she sprinted to my desk to read the email, along with her tearing up at the sheer genius of it, leads me to believe she was as surprised as I was and therefore is not the emailer.

Suspect #2 – Hubby
I would LOVE it if it was Hubby.  That would mean he just pretends not to read my blog and doesn’t think the fact that I’ve created an evil nemesis out of our family cat is “stupid”.  But after a 2 minute conversation with him, he was quickly dropped as a suspect.

Me: So I got a pretty interesting email today.

Hubby: uh huh.

Me: Ya, it was from… CIA CAT!! DU DU DUUUUUUU!!!
(yes, I did make the DU DU DUUU dramatic music noise)

Hubby: What?

Me: CIA Cat emailed me about what she did today AND that you gave her a second helping of food for breakfast… DU DU DUUUUUUU!

Hubby: Stop doing that! 

Me: sorry

Hubby: Babe are you telling me that someone found your private email and contacted you as our cat to say that they’re watching you?

Me: Well when you say it like that it’s creepy.

Hubby: That’s because it is creepy! 

Me: NO! It’s… Whimsical!

Hubby: No, it’s creepy and how did they know I gave her a second helping?

Me: I KNEW IT!  Just cause she gives you sad eyes doesn’t mean you give her more food, she’s getting huge!  And don’t think I didn’t tell her that when I replied.

Hubby: You replied?! BABE!

Me: Oh calm down, it has to be someone I know.  I was just hoping it might be you, obviously not.

Hubby: Obviously, cause I’m not creepy.

Me: Whimsical dammit!

Suspect #3 – Susan
My dear, dear wine drinking friend Susan, who LOVES my blog and CIA Cat. Plus at our last wine tasting event she mentioned I should create a Facebook page for CIA Cat. This proves that the idea of CIA Cat and the internet is on her mind.  So I texted her.

Me: Did u do anything… interesting today??

Susan: Work doctor & now Ashley’s. Why? Whatsup?

Me: Got an email from CIA Cat…

Susan: Unm.  That emsil wasnt clever enuff to b from me

Me: … really?  Kinda sounded like you.

Susan: You are not groend any more. As soon as I get home im defriending you

Me: … I’m not what??

Me: Hello???

Me: Susan???

She hasn’t replied since… interesting.

Case solved? We’ll see if CIA Cat emails again… DU DU DUUUUUU!

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Wifey, Blogger,Dog Mom, Huge Nerd, and One Hellofafriend! (Seriously, I have references). SHINY!!
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4 Responses to Because it’s whimsical dammit!

  1. Jason says:

    You know, it could really be your cat. I know keyboard cat is a big thing but my cat actually plays keyboard, a cat could actually send emails too.

  2. If this doesn’t resolve itself, you may need to call in a detective to Cat-Scan your hard drive. 😉

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