My cat’s video choices concern me

Got another email from CIA Cat… and no, I still have no idea who’s writing them. 

From CIA Cat
RE: Fuzzy Tail Rat Update

CIA Cat here with a disturbing update!

Now, I see these little rats with fuzzy tails in the trees all the time! Some of those nasty neighbors even feed the damned things! You know which one – the one that gives you the ‘stink eye’ now and then! Of all the nerve!~ Unless they’re feeding them so that I can get closer to catching my own food while the pesky little suckers are eating! But, alas, try as I might, they are just too fast, and I’m pretty sure they use their tails to put up some kind of force field while they are running so I can’t catch them.

Is he laughing at me?!


Can you believe it? One of these days I tell ya…

What’s even worse, sometimes, he and his friends gang up on me by acting like they are just chasing each other around, trying to lull me into a false sense of security. Heh, like that will ever happen. I know your tricks Fancy Tailed Little Rat Devils!

On top of everything, they always try to look sooooo cute, believing they can out-cute CIA Cat! It’s an OUTRAGE that they think they can get away with this!

So, I was looking around on the internet about squirrels, since the web offers a plethora of information on how to plot their ultimate demise, and I came across this….

Singing Squirrels!

That just isn’t funny!

How do they allow this kind of thing to go on! It hurts my little brain just to think about it!


Well, I am going back to contemplate all I have read and seen today. Mother you call this sleeping, but little do you know, this is me coming up with an idea to take over some day, and you will have to wait for me to feed you!!


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4 Responses to My cat’s video choices concern me

  1. Those darn things hang around my house too, and my person won’t let me chase them. -Bongo

  2. hrockwel says:

    I hate to blow your cover, Mo, but “CIA Cat” writes just like you do. You just tried to fool us all with the “I don’t know Cat is a girl” thing but I’m onto you! Hint: next time try not to write so cleverly or use words like “bam!” and maybe you’ll fool me. I said maybe. 😛

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