Dad aka TRAITOR!

After CIA Cat sent the last email regarding her outrage with the neighbors feeding the squirrels, I decided it best she know the truth… I don’t hide things from my cat… especially if it means I might be bumped up to favorite parent.

From: Mona
To: CIA Cat
Subject: RE: Fuzzy Tail Rat Update!

CIA Cat… brace yourself… your father feeds the fuzzy tail rats aka ‘squirrels’ nuts from our window, the same window you look out each day while we’re gone…

Your loving (non-squirrel feeding) Mother

From: CIA Cat
To: Mona
Subject: RE: RE: Fuzzy Tail Rat Update!

CIA CAT IS OUTRAGED! – WHAT THE !@#!*! Dad really feeds them?!? Seriously, Dad doesn’t have enough to do without feeding THE ENEMY!!!! Feed on them – fine! – But FEED THEM!?!

This outrage has brought upon a poem:

Squirrel, scourge of the yard,
I bet you taste delicious,
om, nom, nom, nom, nom

Seriously, if I had tear ducts I’d would have shed a few for this poem – and dad’s poor judgement.

Now I see why the squirrel was laughing at me! Wait till Dad finds the little present I left for him, he’ll regret his action. He’ll find it when he LEAST expects it! Buahahaha!


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1 Response to Dad aka TRAITOR!

  1. Lafemmeroar says:

    Lol–what a catty feline. I won’t need to ask what kind of present dad will get from CIA.

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