Poor Hubby, He Never Saw It Coming

Posted by Mona
Hubby just asked when are we having a Harry Potter marathon day… I have never been so turned on! Ladies! Who’s interested!!

Jenn I find it disturbing that you say you are turned on and then ask for your lady friends to come over! If I was turned on I’d be saying, “lady friends screw off.”

Burgandy Yes, I’m in for the Movie Marathon!!!

Mona Wow Burg! Harry Potter fan out of left field… YOU’RE IN!

Burgandy Not left field. I love those movies. And Star Wars. AND Lord of the Rings. I have the extended edition.

Mona Okay now I find Burgandy extremely attractive. Did you hear that Ashley?!? She loves LOTR!  I had to talk Ashley into reading Harry Potter and she didn’t like LOTR… Luckily she loved HP or our friendship may have ended

Ashley And I am now obsessed with HP

Sheri Haven’t read the books or watched the movies…

Mona … Oh Sheri… no

Tif  I’d come, but I can only watch the first 2.5 movies, since that’s all I’ve read 😛

Mona Tif you are dead to me!

Tif  Team Jacob!! … oh… wrong books.

Ashley Oh boy …. Run Tif run!

Mona Mother of God Tif, why, WHY!?!?

Susan Sheri & I will come as long as there is lots of wine.

Mona … Why would there not be wine? My god Susan, we’re not animals!

Susan key word LOT’S

Mona Hey there’s gonna be maybe 6 girls plus 7 movies times 2 bottles per girl per movie, you do the math… No seriously do the math, I have no idea.

Ashley And 7 movies Mona?!?

Mona Oh oops

Tif  *runs-back* Geeeez Mona, even I know there are 8 movies! *runs-away-again*

Ashley Oh snap

Mona I’ll be seeing you on Monday Tif…

Tif  Indeed you will, Mona. Indeed.You.Will.

Sheri We have to watch…8… movies…that will require a hellava Lorraine wine!

Sheri Damn…lotta…stupid phone

Ashley  We can make it fun for Susan and Sheri … everytime they say wand you take a drink. That should get you drunk in the frist 20 mins of the movie!

Sheri  I love drinking games!!

Mona  So 1 day, 6 girls, 8 movies, a hellava Lorraine of wine… poor hubby, he had no idea what he volunteered for 

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2 Responses to Poor Hubby, He Never Saw It Coming

  1. Jeyna Grace says:

    Haha! The surprise he would get once he see’s all the girls joining for the marathon.

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