Best Grocery Shopping Trip EVER!

Hello Everyone!

Just back from a fantastic 4 day weekend.  Needed to take the time off as there were many “little” things that I had to get done.  Some of the “little” things were:
~ Get the car checked out and figure out why it refuses to go in reverse.
~ Get car’s plates updated (not to be done until car is fixed as motor vehicle place is in a messed up lot where reverse is required.)
~ Conquer Mount Holy Crap That’s A Lot Of Clothes in my closet and if time attempt to scale Yes I do Too Need That Many Shoes Peak.
~ Find out what has either died or is currently dying in my kitchen, because, despite what Hubby says, that smell is not my day old meat loaf.

So what did I actually get accomplished this week?
~ Watched the last 3 Seasons of Psych.
~ Found and ate Halloween candy Hubby had hidden from me… although touche Hubby for hiding it behind my scale… touche.
~ Spent 5 straight hours clicking the Stumble button.
~ Began the hunt to find the Awesomest Christmas gifts ever.

You're Welcome Dad

Sadly you will note that what I did and what I planned to do, don’t quite meet up.  Except the smell is gone from my kitchen! YAY! Hubby wants me to point out that I also ate all the meatloaf… I don’t see a connection.

Okay so now you’re probably asking “Mona, what about the greatest grocery shopping trip EVER?”… Excellent question! I will answer… now.

So some of my favorite ladies mentioned that there was this AMAZING wine tasting going on at a local grocery store on Saturday and, since I had pretty much not seen daylight since Wednesday, I thought I should get out and go… but I was confused, who does wine tastings at a grocery store?

Me: Who does a wine tasting at a grocery store?

Sheri: You don’t understand, it’s not only wine! It’s wine, beer, food, soda, TONS of stuff!

Susan: Apparently they do this once a year and it’s all FREE!  I really wanna go, you game?

Me: Sure where’s it at?

Sheri: … Cedar Hills


Sheri: Oh come on, it’s not that far.

Me: Susan you’re an Eastsider, are you driving?

Susan: No, I was hoping to get a ride with you.

Some of you may be confused, allow me to clarify why Sheri is CRAZY with her request. 

Portland is divided by a river and everything on the west side is Westsiderboringville and everything on the east side is EastsiderAWESOMENESS!  And because Westsiderboringville has Nike and Intel on its side the traffic can get redonkulous… okay everybody clear?  Good.

Me: Dude I can’t drive, my car doesn’t go in reverse!

Sheri: I thought you were gonna get that fixed?

Me: I’ve been busy doing… stuff.

Susan: That’s okay we’ll just park somewhere that we can pull out of, no reversing necessary!

Me: But… you said there’s a lot of wine there… and… I don’t wanna be the designated driver.

Susan: Easy fix, let’s ask Hubby to go.

Me: HA! No way, wont work, he’s not a huge fan of wine tastings and especially wine tasting with us… you guys get huggy.

Susan: … hurtful… okay how about we just ask him to go grocery shopping with us? We’re not really lying… just kinda withholding.

Me:… oh… oh that’s good.

And it was good.  We were “shopping” for almost 3 hours, and Hubby had a fantastic time… after the shock of my complete and utter betrayal wore off.

Wine tastings on every aisle!

Hubby, Amanda, Susan, and Sheri

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10 Responses to Best Grocery Shopping Trip EVER!

  1. Grocery shopping always goes better with wine.

  2. Adding free wine to each aisle seems like such an obvious way to make people relax and buy more stuff because they forget how much they had budgeted to spend.

  3. Hubby is one super good sport and it looks like you all had a great time “grocery shopping!” Good for you! 🙂

  4. Melissa says:

    I saw you via The Bloggess party on twitter today, I thought, “hey that lady seems funny” and clicked my way to your blog. Once I began reading I found you talking about this wine tasting/ soda tasting extravaganza and thought (I seem to think a lot), “she must live in the Canada or someplace fancy, cause we don’t have these amazing things in Portland. ” Wrong!! You are from here. How wacky!!??
    Anywho, hey, now I shall collect your blog to read. 🙂

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