Awesomest Website EVER!

I’m a nerd, and if you deem yourself awesome enough to also fly the nerd flag, then I have the AWESOMEST website for you. 


Yes, it’s as awesome as it sounds.

But what is it you ask?  Below is their own simple answer:
“It’s simple; ShirtPunch is your home for limited edition, pop culture tees… but there’s a twist! We only offer one shirt every 24-hours, and they’re always only $10”

How awesome is that!?!?

This site just started up and has been selling shirts for just over 2 weeks.  Because they’re so new, there are still a couple of issues with their site. I learned this, the awesome way, today. 

Quick back story: I was trying to purchase today’s shirt, which is an awesome rendition of a beer label. The beer is called ‘Hogwarts’ – Imported Muggle Ale, Dumbledortmunder Red.  HOW AWESOME IS THAT!?!

So I logged on but realized I had forgotten my password, no worries, there’s a “Forget Your Password” link, which I clicked… and clicked… and clicked… and clicked… nothing, noda, zip, zilch.

Freaking out cause I really want this shirt and it’s only available for 11 more hours I sent the following email.

To: ShirtPunch
From: Mona
HELP! Trying to order today’s shirt but can’t remember my password and the ‘Forget Your Password’ link doesn’t seem to work.
Don’t want to miss today’s AWESOME shirt! Please send password!!

Thank you,

and being awesome, Russ replied right away.

To: Mona
From: Russ at ShirtPunch
Oh no!

Well….you’re right, the password button doesn’t work. We actually don’t have a way to get your password. Believe it or not, that’s a really complicated process to allow us to do that. We can do 3 different things here:

1) You can keep trying passwords until you get in, lol
2) I can delete your account and u can remake it
3) You can make another account and use that one for today

We’ll have the password recovery in soon, but until we do, these are our only options.

I hope this helps!


To: Russ
From: Mona

Wow, that was awesomely hilarious. Out of my 3 options I think I’ll go with #3, break all the rules, and use my work email address.

thanks for the laugh,

And not to be undone Russ replied again.

To: Mona
From: Russ at ShirtPunch

Thanks for being so understanding Mona.

When building this program, we assumed it was a simple process to put in a password recovery….boy were we wrong! It’s beyond complicated. Everything’s encrypted and so difficult to access.

We’ll get it going very shortly though!

So in closing I created a new account, was able to order my awesome shirt and now have a serious crush on Russ, sorry Hubby. 

Bookmark and check it everyday for AWESOMENESS!!

p.s. Just realized I used the word awesome, in its many forms, 15 times… best post ever!!

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10 Responses to Awesomest Website EVER!

  1. Can’t believe you actually got a human response…multiple times..and they were actually nice and trying to help. What a great company.

  2. Jeyna Grace says:

    Shirtpunch… will check them out!

  3. Are you sure Russ is a real guy? He sounds too good to be true. Hope you got your tee shirt and, you’re right, the site sounds like a great find. Thanks! 🙂

  4. Russ says:

    Russ is a real guy, because I’m him. Actually, Mona just sent me this link in her email and I (read that as all of us here at ShirtPunch) couldn’t be more flattered. You guys are fantastic and keep us pushing forward. Much love, Russ

  5. RUSS!?!?! SHUT UP!!! Your cool level has just, literally, blown through the roof!! SERIOUSLY plaster is falling on me and everything!!!

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