Obviously the door was on Hubby’s side.

Hubby and I were having a “discussion” last night that got a little heated and ended with me having a mild concussion.

It started with us discussing my ongoing campaign to get a puppy.

Hubby: We’re not ready for a puppy.

Me: We’re totally ready for Hello!

Hubby: What’s Hello?

Me: Our puppy.

Hubby: We’re not calling the puppy Hello.

Me: Think about it!  When ever he’s running around and we want him to come back we just yell “HELLO” “HEY HELLO” “HELLO, HELLO, HELLO”! People will think we’re really friendly.

Hubby: Ya, we’re not calling the puppy Hello.  How about Skippy?

Me: Skippy?

Hubby: or Jiffy

Me: Jiffy?

Hubby: okay, how about Tom’s Original.

Me: … We’re not naming our puppy after brands of peanut butter!!

Hubby: Why not, it’s not as bad as Hello?… I’m hungry, do you want a PB&J?

Me: GOD! You’re not even taking this seriously!!

Hubby: Ha, cause Hello was so serious.

Me: You’re impossible, I’m not talking to you anymore!

I then got up, stomped to the bedroom, and slammed the door behind me… or at least I tried.  I had forgotten the pull up bar was still attached to the frame of the door.  The door bounced off the bar and swung back open… right into my face.

I lay on my bedroom floor staring up at the ceiling fan and that stupid pull up bar.

Hubby: … you okay…

Me: … ya…

Hubby: okay… HA HA HA HA HA HA HA

Me: I hate you.


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9 Responses to Obviously the door was on Hubby’s side.

  1. A little Hello would have prevented you from hitting that bar…you would have been crouched over chasing the pup! See it’s a health issue

  2. SilentMyth says:

    I’m sorry about the concussion. Hope ur well now =D

  3. HA! I’m fine, my ego was bruised more then my head 😛

  4. Amanda says:

    Oh god the full story was so much better than the facebook post.

  5. Don’t you hate it when inanimate objects take your husband’s side on an argument? 😉 Totally not fair. All inanimate objects should be on our side.

  6. munteng says:

    sorry you totally didn’t win the debate..
    hahaha. it’s rly quite funny to imagine how the door attacked.

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