Oh Karma, You Sneaky Bitch

So per my last post I asked the age-old question, are you a bad person for laughing at your friends misfortune?  I know that sounds mean but, COME ON, how would you respond if a friend tells you they were just taken out by a huge wave of water from a passing bus?

Many of you were awesome enough to reply, no I’m not a bad person for laughing at my dear friend Tif.  HOWEVER, Karma got her word in today… and it wasn’t nice.

I was walking into work when I suddenly slipped on something.  I was able to catch myself before I falling on my ass, but it was not a pretty recovery… especially since I was in a dress. 

I would like to think that my recovery looked like this:

But I’m pretty sure it looked more like this:

I’m certain that I looked like the above picture because she and I slipped on the same thing… ya… a banana peel.  Some sick twisted bastard had left a banana peel on the sidewalk and I had slipped on it.

I was quickly booking it to work, as I was afraid a falling anvil my be my next curse, when I received a text from Tif.

Tif: I am currently blocked in my driveway by a recycling truck. Today’s going to be awesome.

Me: DUDE! I slipped on a banana peel!!!

Tif: …

Me: Commence laughing


Oh Karma, you are a sneaky bitch.

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12 Responses to Oh Karma, You Sneaky Bitch

  1. Shonnie says:

    YOu are a RIOT! hahaha! yes, I was laughing at you! heheheheh

  2. Not a banana peel. That’s way too mundane for you. I’d expect a more exotic fruit–mango perhaps?

    Hope you didn’t hurt yourself.

  3. kondrey says:

    I still remember the incident back in high school, with heels and the doormat at the Taco Bell in Coeur d’Alene. Don’t worry Mona, no one saw 🙂

  4. SilentMyth says:

    Awww mona.. I laughed a little but then I remembered the title of the post. I hope I do not become the next to be hit by karma =O

  5. Viciously Sweet says:

    I think the best part of any situation is being able to laugh at yourself. I am really hoping that even if totally embarrassed at the time that you were at least wearing underpants!

  6. Laughing at my friends misfortunes is probably the reason why my blog exists! It’s karma getting it’s own back 😀

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