Iron Chef Thanksgiving… IT’S ON!

Me: I wish you would be more excited about going to my parents’ cabin for Thanksgiving.

Hubby: Your parents’ cabin, that’s out in the boonies with no TV and minimal cell coverage… ya I’m really excited.

Me: But it will be fun!  We’ll be cooking a big dinner and we’ll play games and have some good old fashioned family fun!

Hubby: Translation you and your mother will stay in the kitchen the entire time drinking wine, while your father and I play cards from a safe distance, making sure neither of you accidently sets yourself on fire…

Me: That only happened once!

Hubby: … as I was saying, while your father and I play poker where at some point he will declare I’m cheating and possibly shoot me with his rifle.

Me: … wow… dramatic much?

Hubby:  Honey, all of these things have happened, at one point or another, in the past.

Me: He didn’t shoot you with his rifle!

Hubby: No, he just told me he had a rifle and 20 acres to hide the body.

Me: Oh my God! We were dating at the time! He was just protecting his baby girl and I’m pretty sure he was joking. 

Hubby: … ya.

Me: Okay how about this year you cook too, in fact let’s have a side dish off!

Hubby: a what?

Me: A side dish cook off!  Each of us will create a side dish and then they will be judged, the winner will be announced and then given a pie!

Hubby: a pie.

Me: A huckleberry cheesecake pie.

Hubby: I’m in.

Me: YAY! This will be so much fun!

Hubby: Wait, who’s judging?

Me: Dad will.

Hubby: NO! No way! He’ll choose your dish no matter how bad it is.

Me: Dude, I’m an awesome cook and no he wont. You don’t know my dad when it comes to cook offs.  He takes them REALLY seriously. Remember a couple years ago I gave him the Iron Chef hat and matching apron for Christmas? Mom says those are his prized possessions and sometimes when she’s cooking he’ll walk around the kitchen shouting “Scoozy! What is the chef currenly cooking!?”.

Hubby: … ya this is gonna be an interesting Thanksgiving. Okay he can judge, but I’m bringing him a 12 year old scotch.

Me: That’s cheating!

Hubby: Ah, what’s the matter honey? Afraid scotch is thicker then blood.

Me: … oh it’s on.

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6 Responses to Iron Chef Thanksgiving… IT’S ON!

  1. Shonnie says:

    too cute! Happy Thanksgiving girl! Sounds like a blast.

  2. SilentMyth says:

    haha.. Sweeeettt.. Good Luck Both of you. =)

  3. Happy Thanksgiving you wild thing! 🙂

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