Exploding Cookies… tis the Season!

I’m beginning to think the holidays hate me. Especially after my miserable loss to Hubby during the Family Thanksgiving Iron Chef Side Dish Cook Off. Apparently stuffing has been “done”, while banana, honey, whipped yams is “imaginative” and “wonderous”… I think my parent a.k.a. the “judges” were bribed… obviously blood is not thicker then scotch.

Anywho, I had put the devastating Thanksgiving loss behind me and approached Christmas with a renewed vigor. Focusing on the Annual Work Cookie Exchange, I decided I was really gonna wow them this year! To make sure my cookies were unforgettable mouthfuls of wonderness, I had combined my 3 favorite cookie recipes to form 1 AMAZING cookie.

I stirred all the awesomeness that was my cookie ingredients into the biggest bowl we had, which was actually a stew pot. In went the chocolate cookie mix, fudge brownie mix, chocolate chunks, butterscotch chips, peanut butter, coconut, chocolate chips, caramel swirl, chopped nuts, crushed peppermint, and mini marshmallows… I know what you’re thinking… AWESOMENESS!!

I rolled my ambrosia concoction into nice big balls and then rolled them again into some powdered sugar, they were giant balls of white, joyful, happiness.  I shoved my cookie trays into the oven at 375 degrees, set the timer for 15 minutes, and went to watch Castle.

About 10 minutes later Hubby called me from the kitchen.

Hubby: Babe there’s some weird noises coming from the oven.

Me: No, it’s okay it’s just my cookies.

Hubby:  It kinda sounds like popping.

Me: (coming into kitchen to investigate) I’m sure it’s fine.  Geez you win one cooking competition and suddenly your Bobby Flay.  Step back, I’ll check.

I opened up the oven door right when every cookie on my trays… exploded… I shit you not. 


BOOM! Chocolate, caramel, coconut, mint, goo was flying in all directions. BOOM! Marshmallow fluff was flung through the air, sticking to anything and everything it touched.

I dived towards CIA Cat who had followed me into the kitchen to investigate and now had a terrified ‘Fight or Flight’ look on her face.  Seeing my body hurtling towards her, she choose flight, and bolted out of the kitchen. 

Hubby was crouched behind a chair screaming at me to shut the oven door.  With skills I like to think I subconsciously learned from all the Jacki Chan movies hubby had made me watch, I karate kicked my leg up, slamming the oven door shut.

Me:… *pant* HOLY SHIT *gasp* What… what…

Hubby: What the HELL was that!?

Me: Dude… My cookies were exploding!

Hubby: No Shit! Why? What was in them?

I listed off the ingredients. 

Hubby: Jesus babe! No wonder they exploded!  You had them jam-packed with everything but the kitchen sink and then included marshmallows that expands in heat!  You created a cookie CLUSTER BOMB!

Me:… huh… wow… well maybe if I melt the marshmallow first…

Hubby: No, absolutely not! You’re done! Step away from the stove before you accidentally create a nuclear brownie bomb!

I thought this was a HUGE over exaggeration but seeing how my cookie bomb remnants had hardened into some sort of cement like mixture that made the removal of my cookie sheets  from the oven racks impossible, I called it a night.

You win this one Christmas, you win this one.

Stay tuned for Hubby and I on our next great Christmas adventure… Finding the Awesomest Christmas Tree EVER!

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12 Responses to Exploding Cookies… tis the Season!

  1. I admire your sense of adventure. But I’m not sure I’ll eat the cookies.

  2. Karen says:

    You really had me laughing but I know at the time there was nothing funny about exploding cookies. I had two potatoes explode in my oven once and the sound was really like a bomb going off. You wouldn’t believe what powdery potato does to an oven…oh yes, I think you could imagine.

  3. hrockwel says:

    Too much goodness can be dangerous – now you know. Dial the goodness back, Mo, dial it back.

  4. Cookie cluster bomb? Now that’s funny. Great post!


  6. SilentMyth says:

    You got me cracking but hey things exploding out in your oven. Not good. Calling it a night was a good decision .

  7. Becky says:

    I don’t seem to remember you ever having much luck with the kitchen…but you certainly know how to make it entertaining! 😛

  8. Wazeau says:

    Another hysterical post! But I think you need to do this again, sans marshmallows. They sounded yummy 🙂

  9. Viciously Sweet says:

    This was the best cookie making story ever. Thanks for the laugh!

  10. Lafemmeroar says:

    No pics of the cookie cluster bomb? CIA cat is the smart one in the bunch … CIA left the scene before the cookies exploded. Hilarious as usual … 🙂

  11. Revenge of the Pillsbury doughboys? Let the adventure continue – I’m holding my breath 9 and ducking).

  12. “..blood is not thicker than scotch.” Absolutely priceless! Hurry up and claim that phrase for your own before someone plagiarizes it. Would make an awesome title of a book. Ha..ha..

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