The Bloggess and Santa, making it possible for me to call my friends assholes!

Mona posted on her Facebook page

‎”I believe in Santa Claus because of basic algebra.

“Do you believe in Santa Claus?” “No, it’s just parents.” “Do you believe in parents?” “Of course.” Let’s take that to the next logical conclusion…

If “Santa = parents” and “parents = real” then by logical extension “Santa = real.” That’s how math works, bitches.”

Stolen from the bloggess cause, I believe in Santa Bitches!!!

Hillary  So basically you want a fat man who drinks enought to have a rosy nose, break into your apartment in the middle of the night? Sure, he leaves gifts but he takes away a sense of security! Plus CIA Cat would probably scratch his beard right off.

Mona  aaahhh Hillary… don’t be an asshole ;-P

Santa cures assholes. How can you NOT support that? | Babble Voices Salons

Hillary  I KNEW we had a shotgun for a reason. Try to break in now, Santa! ;P

Mona  ZOMBIES!! The shotgun is for ZOMBIES!! NOT Santa… who is technically parents… which means you’re really threatening to shoot yourself… why Hillary why?

Ashley  What about Zombie Santa?!

Mona  Ashley if he was a zombie he would leave body parts behind, not presents. Get your head in the game!

Ashley  he leaves stuffed bears … enough said

Mona … I’m sorry how did that, in any way, help your argument?

Ashley  it helped… somehow…

Mona  Well I can’t fight that logic

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1 Response to The Bloggess and Santa, making it possible for me to call my friends assholes!

  1. Well, there’s no point in arguing with that kind of Santa Logic… 😉

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