My mother… HOW CUTE IS SHE!?!?

Just got this email from my mother and had to share, so all of you can experience the adorableness that is my mommy. (p.s. she provided the pics, but I added the captions).

Well, the story is when your Dad was bringing in the tree he broke off the top. He apologized profusely and proceeded to tape it back on. The angel was having a hard time hanging on and one morning was found head down at the bottom of the tree. I delegated her to the book shelf in a guardian angel role to the girl on the tricycle.

"This blows! I used to be someone, I used to be at the TOP!... now look at me... Merry F'ing Christmas!"

I was trying to get used to the thought that all the little birds around the hole at the top was OK. This morning I picked the owl out of his non conspicuous spot and set him in the hole on the top. The heavens opened and the spirits applauded. I think I even heard a hallelujah. So I had to send the up date.
Love Mom

"Whooo's the Man!"

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4 Responses to My mother… HOW CUTE IS SHE!?!?

  1. Wow. I am sad for the angel, but what a dream come true for the forest birds! Enjoy your moment, feathered friends!

  2. theladyinredink says:

    That poor angel, fallen from her glorious role! 🙂 What a cute story and funny captions!

  3. SilentMyth says:

    Your mom.Super cute. Love the captions. Feel sad for the poor angel

  4. I like your Mom’s rather forced Plan B–the owl is “da bomb!” Much more natural. The angel must need a rest this year.

    I can see where you get your sense of humor!

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