Suicidal Beds and Flying Shoes, Just Some of the Things I Miss When Hubby’s Gone.

Hubby is currently visiting family in Mexico. Not the fun, umbrella in your drink and cabana boy, Mexico. No, he’s in the scary, possibly drug cartel driven, Mexico… so I didn’t go. 

And that means… I’m lonely… very lonely… very lonely and lying in a big empty bed.

I hate big empty beds.

Big empty beds suck. Big empty beds can just go jump off a cliff, well as long as I’m not in the big empty suicidal bed when it jumps. But if I was in it then it wouldn’t be empty, so there would be no reason for it to jump at all… wow… that’s mind boggling… it’s like the chicken and the egg question.

This then got me thinking about all sorts of other mindboggling questions, like lonely trees falling in forests, and woodchucks chucking, and the gravitational pull of buttered toast and then I realized I WAS WIDE AWAKE AND NEVER FALLING ASLEEP!!!


You really need someone else around you when you’re pondering the real earth shattering questions. 

If Hubby was here he would somehow be able to rationalize it and give very Spock like logical answers for all of them.  And then that would anger me and I would shout “Oh, you take everything too seriously!” And he would yell “Well, you don’t take anything serious at all!” And I would retort with an impressive “UH HUH!” And then he would say something smart and cleverly annoying and I would reply by throwing a shoe at his head.

This would go on for a good 13 minutes finally ending with Hubby yelling I need to control my Irish temper and me replying with some reference to my ass or a leprechaun, or both, and then I would slam the bedroom door shut, leap into bed, and fall asleep instantly… oh  god… I miss Hubby.

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4 Responses to Suicidal Beds and Flying Shoes, Just Some of the Things I Miss When Hubby’s Gone.

  1. Shonnie says:

    I know you do sugar. Isn’t it wonderful to have such beautifully warted men to love that you even miss the fights. 😉

  2. Is it the fights you miss or the after-the-fights? 😉

  3. Serious mind boggling going on here…..hope sleep comes soon….you might discover earth shattering answers – and then all the mysteries would be gone! Sleeeeep. Sleeeepl You’re getting sleepy…..

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