Check Mate Hubby… Check Mate

So, like always, I was bugging convincing Hubby that we need to get a puppy.

Me: I would totally take care of it. You wouldn’t have to do anything!

Hubby: Don’t believe you.

Me: Think of all the joy it would bring into our lives!

Hubby: Think of all the peeing, pooping and drooling it would bring into our lives.

Me: We could take it everywhere we go. We could take it to the park, out for walks, and camping!

Hubby: We dont camp.

Me: We would! Cause we want it to get fresh air and excercise!

Hubby: Why don’t we just have a baby?

Me: Crazy man says what?

Hubby: I’m serious.  All those reasons you just listed for a puppy work for a baby too.

Me… um… okay… do you want a baby?

Hubby: Well ya, and you’re not getting any younger.

Me: You may want to stop talking as you’ve just stepped on a bitch slap mine and it may go off with your next word.

Hubby: Shut up you know what I mean, can’t woman not have babies after a certain age?

Me: um ya but I think I’ve still got some time… But ya… ya… I think it is time.  Okay I’ll make an appointment with my doctor to get my birth control stopped and then… ya… IT’S BABY MAKING TIME!

Hubby:… wow… okay… so… well there’s really no rush, I mean… um…I don’t want to pressure you.

Me: No, no you’re not! This is a great idea!! Do you think you can get me pregnant before Christmas!? I totally want to send our holiday cards with a sonograms of the baby wearing a Santa Hat saying “Happy Holidays and Hell Just Froze Over!”

Hubby: You’re totally screwing with me aren’t you.

Me: No, I’m just calling your bluff.

Hubby:… tell me more about the puppy.

I WIN!!!!

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Wifey, Blogger,Dog Mom, Huge Nerd, and One Hellofafriend! (Seriously, I have references). SHINY!!
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7 Responses to Check Mate Hubby… Check Mate

  1. Brilliant. That is just the best verbal strategy I’ve heard in a while!

  2. Genius! … and hysterical. LOL

  3. Rena Nichole says:

    SO funny!!! Way to go. Aren’t we supposed to make the men think stuff is their idea anyway? LMAO

  4. SilentMyth says:

    LOL. You sure know how to crack people up.

  5. Angela says:

    Am a new reader, stumbled on to your blog but enjoying rambling : )

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