And then I peed my pants

Well that’s it people, I have officially seen the funniest thing I’m ever gonna see. The world holds no mystery for me anymore.

When? Last night

Where? Our living room

Who? CIA Cat, Hubby, and Me

What? The Laser Pointer

Why?… okay let me explain.

Hubby was in the bedroom ranting about my inability to hang things up after wearing them.

I was in the living room trying to get CIA Cat to exercise by teasing her with the laser dot and shouting out pithy comments to Hubby about his inabilty to aim straight.

CIA Cat decided she was bored with me and the bouncy red dot and flopped on her back with a “MEOWER!”, Which I believe translated to “Ah fuck all of you”.

Before I could shout out to Hubby that CIA Cat had just used the F word, Hubby came flying threw the air from the bedroom. He landed on all four and began pouncing on the laser red dot, leaping back and then forward and then back again, swatting away at the little red dot like it was on fire.

I, at first, was in shock but regained composure and pointed the red dot at Hubby’s butt. He quickly spun around and around swatting at his butt, then rolled over to the wall where the red dot was now mocking him and slapped away at it until I pointed it to the kitchen where he took off after it, still on all four.

I was dying with laughter, Hubby was totally invested in his play acting, and CIA Cat (and seriously people I’m not making this shit up) CIA Cat sat on the floor with her mouth opened staring after him.

I’m guessing that she had been about to start cleaning herself when Hubby suddenly made his surprise entrance causing her to stop in mid-motion and leave her mouth open while she watched the show, ya I’m sure that’s the realistic reason why she was sitting there sprawled back on her haunches with her mouth wide open… But I prefer my reason, which is, we finally just seriously shocked the hell out of her.

I weep that there is no photo documentation of this great event. But like all great moments in time, ya just had to be there.

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2 Responses to And then I peed my pants

  1. Great post! Thank you for sharing!
    …following your blog…

  2. Kim says:

    Time to install the hidden cameras…

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