Play by play of our WHO EXTRAVAGANZA!

So as I mentioned in my last post, there is a Dr. Who themed pub in Portland.

After much shrieking and dancing around like little girls Ashley, my fellow geek enthusiast and best bud, and I departed for our Who adventure. 

I wanted to give a second by second play of events but Ashley pointed out that some of my readers may not be as geekly awesome as us and could get bored with THAT much detail… I don’t believe it but agreed to shorten it to minute by minute.

4:30pm Ashley and I sneak out of work early and begin the drive to the promise land.

4:55 Ashley and I sit in traffic on the I-5 yelling insults at everyone on the road for Dr. Who blocking us!

5:05 Due to some faulty navigating, my bad, we pass the pub and continue 2 miles north in the wrong direction.

5:10 After we realize our mistake, and Ashley stops beating me with my own phone, we turn around.


5:21 Find parking spot RIGHT IN FRONT… it’s a sign of the awesomeness to come.

5:22 First photo opportunity at front door.

5:23 We realize that was actually not the front door and quickly follow the sign that says “Front door ==>”.

5:24 WE ARRIVE… again.

5:25 We stand in awe looking at all the Dr Who stuff.

Actual size.. note christmas lights to the right. BUT owner says he's in the process of making a life size version!!

5:26 Sit down and quickly order the large onion rings, clam chowder soup, bangers and mash, and fish and chips… we were a little pekish.

5:27 – 5:35 Discuss if this momentous occasion means we can break our dry month 6 days early. (Ashley, being a true and loyal friend, has been doing the dry month with me in a show of solidarity… and cause I’m her main drinking partner and it would have been a pretty boring month either way)

5:36 We cave and I order a UK size Pint of Guinness… UK SIZE PEOPLE!!! (you would have caved too)

5:41 Guinness arrives

5:44 Guinness finished


5:56 Hubby orders a UK size Pint of Guinness and offers me a sip… I come clean and tell him I already had one… Hubby says he knew it and was testing me for honesty… I get mad at Hubby’s lack of trust… Ashley tells me to shut up cause he’s letting me off… I grudgingly agree and thank Hubby… he replies “no problem… alchy”… bad feeling this nickname is gonna stick.

6:00 Food arrives, Hubby asks how we knew to order food for him… uh…

6:01 – 7:59 All eating no talking, food is AMAZING!

7:05 Dr Who walks in… I shit you not.

7:06 Ashley and I whisper frantically about our game plan for getting a pic with Dr Who.  Hubby (rolling eyes) gets up, walks over to Dr. Who and asks for a picture op with the 2 girls squealing in the corner … Dr Who agrees… my husband is a GOD!

Dude even had the Sonic Screwdriver!

7:15 I had to pee and stumbled upon the Tardis (aka bathroom door).

Suprisingly NOT bigger on the inside.

7:20 Ashley finds her favorite doctor and the make out session begins.

7:50 After a 30 minute argument over the pros and cons of David Tennant as the best Doctor of all the Doctors (Ashley was pros, I was cons) we come to a ground breaking realization… together we have an amazing amount of geek knowledge AND we’re freaking hilarious, and that’s not just the Guinness talking… okay kind of, but not completely. Because of this realization, Ashley and I declare we’re going to create our own weekly geek video podcast.

7:52 – 8:10 Hubby works with us on what we’ll need to make this world-changing declaration come to be and decides we should all head home to start working on the first episode.

8:15 Ashley and I wave goodbye to our new favorite pub and vow to return in a month, not that we don’t LOVE our Dr. Who Pub… it’s just our waistlines wont allow us to go there every day.

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9 Responses to Play by play of our WHO EXTRAVAGANZA!

  1. Susan says:

    so you caved

  2. Ashley says:

    I still say the Doctor liked Tony more than us..

  3. This place looks awesome! I feel a little strange saying this after reading you were CONs… but, I’m partial to David Tennant too…

  4. Shonnie says:

    You are completely wacked out and WRONG! That is why I love your posts so MUCH! 😀 Thanks for the smile.

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