Why Billy! You Rascal You

I’m currently trying to get Ashley to join me in the horror joys of owning a cat. 

My past assaults have been to email her a barrage of cute kitty pictures to weaken her defenses, nothing makes you question your dislike for the feline family like a Cheezburger kitty tilting its head sideway and asking you to “wuv mee?”… granted this could also strengthen somes dislike, but whatever.

However, this morning I found an advertisment for a cat on Craigslist that had so much… class, pinosh, character, that I had to email his information to Ashley immediately. 

From: Mona
To: Ashley
Subject: Billy
I know he’s not a kitty but he’s only 3 AND quoting from the ad, “Talks to you, licks your nose, follows you around, and listens when you tell him to go lay down!”.
  HE’S THE PREFECT CAT FOR YOU!!! And look how dashing he looks.

From: Ashley
To: Mona
Subject: Re Billy
He listens? I didn’t know cats could do that.

From: Mona
To: Ashley
Subject: Re Re Billy
BILLY CAN! And I really don’t think you’re appreciating how debonair this cat is!!!

From: Ashley
To: Mona
Subject: Re Re Re Billy
Debonair… really? I don’t see it.

From: Mona
To: Ashley
Subject: Re Re Re Re Billy
BAM! Your mind blown.

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Wifey, Blogger,Dog Mom, Huge Nerd, and One Hellofafriend! (Seriously, I have references). SHINY!!
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4 Responses to Why Billy! You Rascal You

  1. Miss Emm says:

    Cat’s are fun. More like they are fun only when they want to admit that they belong to you.

  2. You can’t turn a cat with a mustache. Seriously, you can’t.

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