Pretty sure your dog is politically incorrect and other stuff

I love my dear friend Ashley, but her taste in pets is f’d up and beginning to hurt our friendship. This was proved a few minutes ago when a little IM war broke out between her, me and Tif.

It all started when Ashley sent this picture with no text.

Me: DUDE! It’s a rat… it’s a rat only a mother could love… Good Lord, you’re not it’s mother are you!?!?

Ashley: She is cute!! Now you can’t be her aunt!

Me:… ooohhh nnnoooooo… please.. I really want to… nope. Sorry. Can’t pull it off.

Ashley: I hate you.

Me: Hey Tif! Check out what Ashley wants for a pet.

Tif: Wow. I mean. It’s kinda cute. In a really ugly sort of way.


Ashley: You are both uninvited to the bat-mitzvah!

Me: Careful, I’m pretty sure holy water will burn it.

Tif: Yeah I’m not up on the jewish people… But pretty sure you don’t hurl holy water at 13 year olds.

Me: Thanks for blowing my joke Tif. I WAS TRYING TO BE FUNNY! I’m not IMing anymore L

Ashley: Yes sweetie you’re sooo funny… Tiff go hug Mona, she’s having a moment.

Tif: I was just over there and she says she hates us both and doesn’t want my “traitor hug”.

Ashley: Oh she can’t hate me, it’s in our friendship agreement.

Tif: She says that’s on page 5 and she never initialed page 5.

Ashley: huh, that must be the same page as, “Friend is NOT allowed to make fun of future or current pets”.

Tif: oh now she’s blogging this, pretty sure we’ve been forgiven.

Ashley: Yay!

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9 Responses to Pretty sure your dog is politically incorrect and other stuff

  1. Lilee says:

    Aww she’s cute!!! I would take her and love her in a second!

  2. Ashley says:

    Haha!! See!!!! The people are on my side!

  3. That’s a pet that should be made fun of. Rats are cuter.

  4. I’m not super in love with that dog either… it’s on the uglier side of cute…

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