I’m not dead… or divorced

Well… we didn’t go fishing.

I KNOW, I know, I had promised an awesome story of hubby taking me on an ocean charter fishing trip! And it totally almost happened, but then for concerns of our marriage he canceled at the last moment… I’ll explain.

It all started when I began asking “crazy” questions, per Hubby.

Me: Will the boat dude have fishing poles for us?

Hubby: Yes, the captain will have poles.

Me: The “captain” huh… does he have a hat?

Hubby: Don’t start.

Me: Fine, will the chairs have seat belts?

Hubby: What?

Me: Will the fishing chairs have seat belts!? Like what if I have Nessy on the end of my pole and my chair doesn’t have a seat belt, and Nessy pulls me right off the boat?!?

Hubby: There are so many things wrong with that question, I don’t know where to begin. One, Nessy is in Scotland not Astoria Oregon, so I don’t think you have to worry about that, and second you won’t catch anything big enough that could pull you off the boat.

Me: Would you come after me if I was?

Hubby: If you were what?

Me: If I was pulled off the boat!! Would you scream “me amore!” and dive in after me?!?

Hubby: … Why would I yell “me amore”?

Me:… How can you even ask that?!

Hubby: What!?! It’s a reasonable question!?!

Me: I’ve given you 15 years and you can’t yell “me amore” and jump into the ocean to save me!?!

Hubby: Of course I’d jump in to save you… but I’m not yelling “me amore”…

Me: Well, what would you yell?

Hubby: I don’t know… “shit”?

Me: … wow… that is so romantic.

Hubby: What?! Do you know how cold that water would be!?! I should still get points for going in and… WHY are we discussing this!?!? You aren’t going to be pulled overboard!!

Me: And, if I am, at least I’ll know the man who took sacred vows to love and protect me for the rest of our lives will yell… “shit”.

Hubby: I’m beginning to realize this is a mistake.

Me: What, not saying “me amore”?

Hubby: No, being stuck out in the middle of the ocean with you, on a small boat, for 6 hours.

Me: Dude!

Hubby: DUDE!!

So… we didn’t go fishing.

Instead we hung out at the Fort George brewery for 4 hours sampling all of their 12 beers.

And on our walk/stagger back to the hotel, Hubby called me his “me amore”.

Best getaway ever 😉

UPDATE: Okay, I’ve had a million and a half “friends” tell me it’s “mi amore”… WTF PEOPLE!?! Why don’t you go write a blog so I can offer you “helpful” comments AFTER the damn thing has been posted and distributed!?!?
Plus I pronounce it ME! So there ;P

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3 Responses to I’m not dead… or divorced

  1. emma says:

    This is hysterical! Much like a conversation my husband and I would have! I was reading some of it to him and he just rolled his eyes and walked out. Bummer. He’s Italian and I have the funny feeling he’d say “shit” instead of “mi amore” as well.

  2. Hahaha. I ask questions like that all the time, too. It’s serious business.

  3. forevertart says:

    Thanks for the follow I look forward to reading your posts

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