Love Truly is a Battlefield

Hubby and I had a fantastic Happy Hour with Ashley, Tracy and Tricia yesterday and spent hours discussing Tracy’s upcoming wedding…

Granted, Hubby had thought he was coming to have dinner with me… and had tried to make a hasty retreat when he realized what was really happening… but by then we had boxed him in the booth and we were deep in conversations involving the pros and cons of colored chair covers…silly Hubby.

So while the ladies and I drank bubbly from a modified diving helmet…

See! I told you I don’t make these things up!!

Hubby soothed his anger over my “deception” with a supreme bacon burger and a beer.

(Now while sitting down to type this blog I had originally planned on going into great detail regarding everything us gals had said about weddings. Because, naturally, we were hilarious. 

However, Hubby has pointed out that we had polished off 3 bottles of champagne and someone could have said tea cozies and we all would have though it was hilarious… which I think someone did, and it WAS hilarious.

But to be fair, I’ll only tell the story that I know for a fact was truly hilarious as it made the passing by waitress laugh so hard she bobbled her tray and nearly drop a bowl of cheese beer soup on Hubby’s head.)

So, Tracy was getting a little nervous about all the horror stories Tricia and I were telling her from our weddings and asked us what were some of the fun unexpected things that happened at our weddings that made it all worth while.

Tricia told this beautiful story about seeing her Hubby before the wedding and just being so ridiculously happy… it was very sweet and nice and so not like my story.

Tracy: Okay now you Mona, what moment will you never forget from your wedding.

Me: Oh Hubby’s vows, definitely.

Hubby: Really? That’s nice.

Me: Yes, they were nice, if you had said them correctly.

Hubby: Wha?… oh… right.

Ashley: Oh this is gonna be good, spill!

Me: Well Hubby’s vow was; “I will be your refuge in the storm”.

Tricia: Aaahhh, that’s sweet.

Me: Yes it was, I wrote it, but what did you actually say honey?

Hubby:… I will be your refugee in the storm.

Tracy: Oh…

Tricia: That’s…

Ashley: AWESOME!

Tracy: Did people laugh?

Me: Oh ya, and they had finally just stopped laughing from the fly “incident” which had happend just a few minutes before. Seriously my wedding was 10 minutes of talking and 20 minutes of laughing.

Ashley: I demand to hear the fly “incident” story immediately!

Me: Oh well, like my blog says, that’s for another… HEY! Stop throwing fries at me!!!!!

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2 Responses to Love Truly is a Battlefield

  1. hrockwel says:

    Personally, I liked the part where Jenn had to crawl under your skirt to straighten you out. 😀

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